25 Photos That Show Soul-Stirring Stories About True Love

3 years ago

Real love is not a glossy picture of 2 eternally smiling people in a slick magazine. It’s a man going a long distance to bury the ashes of his wife in a serene place, a boy teaching his little sister to walk from his wheelchair, these are examples of how people stay attached to each other regardless of what life puts on their plate.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but feel a lump in our throats while looking at these photos and we suggest you take a look at them too.

1. “2,500-mile flight, 2-hour drive, 6-hour hike, and my wife is at rest.”

2. “My cat misses his sister. He sits like this every day for half an hour.”

3. “I doubted if my mom would like the art I made her for Mother’s Day, but she loved it so much that she started taking photos of it and sent them to all of her friends.”

4. “My high school friend who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer less than a week ago shows love in the face of death.”

5. My little brother’s dog ran away. He’s been sitting there all afternoon hoping she’ll come back.

6. “I lost my mom in April and my 15-year-old daughter made Thanksgiving dinner for me, my dad, and her brother today.”

7. “At the airport tonight we heard the soft sound of reading aloud (with voices!). This man was reading The Lord of the Rings to his children.”

8. “My mom took me to see The Lion King today. She gave me the ticket on the right from the time she took me when I was a toddler.”

9. My dad was taken to the hospital right before Christmas. We didn’t know if he would make it home. This is my parents slow dancing on Christmas Day."

10. Love is growing old together.

11. Love is not how much you spend on gifts, but how sincere you are while giving them.

12. “Me and my fiancé welcomed our first child into this world on the 18th of May. We really didn’t know what to expect with our dog Bravo...”

13. “My cat decided to arrive at precisely the right moment during story time with my daughter.”

14. “Dorothy anonymously bakes treats & leaves them for our apartment community. She was recently caught.”

15. “Recorded myself saying, ‘I love you,’ printed the wave form, and put it in a locket for my sister.”

16. “I was terrified that after being a single and a very spoiled child, she will not accept her little sister...”

17. “Brotherly love: my uncle comforting my dad after breaking a new toy during the Christmas of 1969”

18. “Here is me meeting my older sister for the first time after 31 years of being separated by adoption.”

19. “My granny just died at 94. My grandfather died in 1980. She kept his bed just as he left it for 40 years.”

20. “True love: My grandfather trying to wake my grandmother from her coma”

21. “My grandfather can’t keep his balance without his walker, and my grandmother couldn’t walk very far at all. They figured it out.”

22. “Both 81 and widowed, my friend’s grandmother just married her prom date after starting to speak again 64 years later.”

23. “Mom held me when I took my first breath, I held her hand when she took her last. I love you and miss you lots!”

24. “My 7-year-old daughter took this powerful image of 8-year-old Zeus as we were saying our goodbyes.”

25. “‘Take my hand, I’ll show you...’ My son teaching his little sister how to walk (from his wheelchair).”

Who are the people in your life whose relationships are examples of the purest feelings?

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I would love to have a brother or a sister. My mom lost a baby after me right before me dad left us and I was all she was.

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