26 Awesome Backyard Design Ideas You May Want to Try Right Now

3 years ago

Your backyard is a place where you can go and relax after a long working day, enjoying your beautiful surroundings. We all want our backyards to be cozy and picturesque, helping us to unwind and forget about our everyday problems.

Bright Side has collected 26 interesting ideas that will turn your backyard into a little piece of paradise.

An outdoor bench made from wooden bars

This great outdoor bench is made from building materials.

A path with glowing pebbles

Paint pebbles with neon dye and put them alongside your outdoor path so that they illuminate the way at night.

Cozy decor

We bet you’ve never seen flower beds like this!

A handmade picnic mattress

Pillows that are sewn together can serve as a great mattress for picnics and other backyard parties.

A coffee table with a metal bucket base

You can also store things inside of it!

An unusual brick pattern

Don’t throw extra bricks away — create an unusual path with them instead!

A flower bed with pine cones

First, it’s beautiful. Second, these pine cones can protect your flowers from digging pests.

A shadow curtain

It’s recommended to use a water-resistant fabric or a tarpaulin.

A beautiful stone pattern

Ordinary paths are boring. Here’s an awesome idea!

Colorful tiles

Colors will make your boring grey tiles look magnificent.

Wavy patterns

Here’s another beautiful path idea.

Bottle fence

Wine bottles will decorate your backyard and protect flowers.

Use an old garden rake as a hand garden tool holder.

All your garden tools will be easy to reach.

Red brick path

Red brick paths will always be popular.

Leaf stepping stones

Turn your backyard into a fairy tale.

Stepping stones with patterns

With the help of rubber mats, you can decorate your tiles with different patterns.

A swimming pool from bales of hay

Simple and awesome!

Folding sandbox

All sand will always be in one place.

Hula hoop tent

A perfect place to hide from the sun.

Your own Angry Birds

This is way more interesting than the mobile version!

Flower bed village

Your children will love to play here.

Brick edging

Brick edging that will protect your flower beds.

Swings from an old skateboard

These are really easy to construct.

Colorful stones

Now you don’t have to buy figurines to decorate your backyard.

A foot wash stand

A waterproof stand with stones is great for washing your feet.

Potato pot

This special pot makes it easier to lift the plants out for harvesting.

Which idea would you like to turn into a reality?


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