22 Photos That’ll Keep You Smiling Through the Rest of This Fall

3 months ago

We put together some amazingly bright moments of internet users’ lives to help you get through these gloomy fall days. You’ll see the amazing meeting between a girl and her great grandma, hugging cats, and a happy father who got custody of his daughter. While our bonus will prove that it’s not just a cat’s purr that is calming.

Bright Side found photos that will surely put a smile on your face.

She’s got a secret.

“We drove through 5 provinces. to 5 national parks, in 11 days and we have never been so happy.”

“I tried to do a photo shoot with my dog. It took forever to get him to sit still. He finally looks at me, only to give me the stink eye!”

“My 7-month-old daughter is ready to go out into the cold.”

“I would like one puppaccino and a few head pats to go, please.”

“When I see how much my baby girl tries to act like her mom I feel an overwhelming sense of happy and calm knowing that she couldn’t have a better example to look up to.”

This dog looks like it’s about to bust some myths.

These eyelashes are hard to forget.

Who could resist this glance?

Those beautiful ears:

“We brought home a new puppy and we were wondering if they’d get along”

“What is it? Is it a human?”

“8 years ago, I visited France and went on a tour of castles in the Loire Valley. This dog was hanging out the window staring longingly. Everyone left the tour to pet him.”

“My daughter seeing herself as Cinderella for the first time:”

“I’m in charge here, take a photo of me!”

Meeting her great-grandmother for the first time!

“Our dog refuses to let anyone use an iPad. She always wins.”

“My cat meows at me until I pick him up because he loves to cuddle.”

“Our cats truly love each other.”

“I’ve finally got full custody of my daughter. Yesterday she turned 5 and I turned 24. The look of joy on her face is what I live for!”

“I adopted this handsome boy from the shelter yesterday.”

“Hey dad, hope it’s okay if I lay here while you play Spider-Man, cause I love you.”

What warms you up during cold evenings in the fall? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Grodeur / reddit


That dog with beard looks like Yosemite Sam from looney tunes?

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