27 Pictures Proving That We Can Fall Asleep Just About Anywhere

5 years ago

It would be hard to find someone who has never been so tired that they could fall asleep instantly — standing or sitting, in any position, anywhere. The people from this article experienced this sleepy state and they know that when your body needs sleep at this level, nothing can stop it.

Bright Side has chosen 27 of the most epic sleepers who definitely know what it means to rest well.

“This is how the girl in front of me slept on my flight.”

“She slept like this...”

This little guy knows a lot about comfort.

“He just crashed on the floor and fell asleep.”

“He just fell asleep like this.”

When things don’t go as expected at the trade show... And you just can’t leave!

“My dog fell asleep under the pillow and almost gave me a heart attack.”

When you finally find the perfect place to sleep:

“My baby fell asleep standing up...”

“He ate the flower and decided to take a nap at the crime scene.”

When you fall asleep in an unusual position and your friends love Photoshop:

“They fell asleep together.”

When the game is really captivating:

But sleeping in public places is not always safe.

“My wife was too busy to play with our dog. So, he looked through the window until he fell asleep like this.”

When counting sheep is your actual job:

“My nephew fell asleep in the car and when my sister told him to get out, he did... She never said he had to wake up.”

When you are such a good boy that you keep smiling even in your sleep:

Looks like the co-pilot is asleep.

When your own bed is too small for such a big and important guy like you:

Everyone wants to do the same thing after a day of shopping.

“My mom’s dog fell asleep like this...”

“These girls went into the subway, sat down, and fell asleep”

When you were thinking about something and fell asleep:

He knows where the best place for sleeping is.

“My sister woke my nephew up for school and he grabbed a pillow and fell back asleep on the floor. Good luck.”

When you have this type of friend, it’s hard to get up in the morning:

Have you ever photographed anyone who fell asleep in an unusual place or position? Or maybe you were the main character in these shots? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Unknown author / Reddit


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