28 Exceptional People Who Made This World a Better Place

2 years ago

Sometimes just a little kindness is enough to change somebody’s life. Any good deed — from real acts of bravery to simple care — makes our world a wonderful place to live in.

Bright Side collected the best examples of noble acts that will inspire anyone and make them believe in humanity.

2 surgeons rest after successfully removing a set of brain tumors during a 32-hour surgery.

This firefighter just saved the cat’s life by putting an oxygen mask on its face.

A Kenyan runner passes water to a dehydrated disabled Chinese runner. It slowed her time, and she got 2nd place in the race, not only costing her the win but also $10,000 in cash.

“This policeman worked countless hours helping victims of Hurricane Harvey until he passed out from exhaustion.”

A deer entered a shop in Colorado. The owner gave him some chocolate and cookies. He left the shop and returned in half an hour with his friends.

A woman patched up a seat in a minibus during her journey.

A girl that was a victim of a fire asked the internet to send her a Christmas card. Here she is with all the presents she received.

We wish there were more drivers like this!

A mailman helped this boy to make his dream come true.

A mailman found out that 12-year-old Matthew read commercial leaflets because his family could not afford to buy books. They were unable to go to the library because these trips were expensive.

The mailman posted the information about this boy on his social media page, and people from all over the world started to send him books. He got them from Australia, Great Britain, and even India. Matthew has already received more than 350 books and promises to read each of them.

“My dog and my dad with an early onset of Alzheimer’s”

“My father has early onset Alzheimer’s. I brought my new dog home for Christmas this year, and he said, ’I know I’m going to forget a lot, but I’m going to remember this dog for a long time.’ ”

“Best present I got this year!”

“For 30 years, my grandmother used the same plastic plates for Christmas. After last year, she only had 7 left, so she framed them and gave one to each of her 7 grandkids.”

“Someone left a Christmas surprise at our local dog park yesterday morning.”

A little sacrifice strengthens relations.

This dad found a personalized Coke for each relative for Christmas.

A dad spent over 3 months and looked at almost 10,000 bottles of Coke to find 47 bottles that had all of his family’s names on them to give them their own personalized gift for Christmas.

“I got a new family member.”

“So I went at 10:30 p.m. on Christmas to pick up my niece from the airport. The baggage claim employees told me someone threw away a kitten. They rescued her and begged me to take her home. She needs a name now.”

“My 61-year-old FIL, who hasn’t gotten a toy for Christmas in 50 years, is happily putting together a LEGO logging tractor.”

“My mom has always wanted to go to Key West. For their 24th anniversary, my dad took her there to see her first ocean sunset.”

“My uncle built this amazing tree house for his kids and decorated it for Christmas.”

“My wife gave birth to a child that is not hers for a couple that has desperately wanted one for over 10 years. Surrogacy can be hard, but I witnessed her give the greatest Christmas gift ever.”

“Missing 2 fingers since birth, as a child my mom would always alter my gloves. At 30, she surprised me with these, and I couldn’t hide my joy.”

“A stranger tipped me $200 so we could go from an undecorated tree to this for my kids’ first real Christmas. Thank you, generous stranger. We will never forget.”

“I was talking about my brother, who has a delay in development, on the internet. Many people sent him the trucks that he likes so much.”

“A homeless woman caught someone stealing my bike, so I had her and her son over for Christmas.”

“Our dog was hit by a car and left for dead for hours. He’s now lying with his boy after getting a cast on his broken leg.”

“My wife runs a veterinary hospital, and this time of year is always terrible.”

“Every night she comes home and curls up under her blanket on the couch to cry for a bit. And Gatsby, her best friend, is always there to purr and purr and make things better.”

“We spent all our Christmas tree money on adopting this guy instead.”

“Officer and his new adopted pup”

A waiter decided to help a man and feed his disabled wife so that he himself could eat.

What acts of kindness have you performed? Or did somebody else treat you very kindly? Please share your stories in the comments!

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