30+ Pics That Prove Your Life Will Never Be Boring If You Own a Bulldog

2 years ago

Even though bulldogs were initially bred for bull baiting, a pretty cruel sport, today these bow-legged, wrinkly, snoring, drooling dogs are still very popular among ordinary people. And that’s probably because if you own a bulldog, you’ll never get bored!

Here at Bright Side we adore dogs and think each breed is special, but these bulldogs just won over our hearts!

1. “My grandma got a French bulldog puppy. This is how he sits.”

2. Life with a sibling is like...

3. “I wouldn’t let her have a Cheeto.”

4. Bugsy says, “Wake me up when this is all over please!”

5. “Derp. Slurp. Eeerp. Oooo.”

6. Nice pillow choice!

7. How they sleep after a camping trip:

8. People really do look like their dogs.

9. That smile!

10. This pup mastered the “star fish” at a young age.

11. “Tank is a happy boy!”

12. “My friend’s French bulldog puppy is quite photogenic.”

13. Those teeth!

14. “Dad, give me the remote.”

15. Well, that looks comfortable.

16. “Sophie turns 9 today. 9 years of judgment and sass right here!”

17. It’s impossible to say no to this cutie-pie!

18. Thanksgiving came early.

19. Snack time or nap time?

20. Bulldogs have their own understanding of comfort.

21. An adorable derp

22. Tugboat can sleep anywhere — what’s your magic skill?

23. “And here he comes with a sub-woofer!”

24. “He probably thinks this event is all about him.”

25. “Why won’t my pillow stop snoring?!”

26. This is Beefcake posing. Kisses anyone?

27. “Catching a crab wasn’t easy.”

28. First baby toofers

29. When you’re so tired that you pass out however you land:

30. “Are you ready to play with me?”

31. The timeless art of seduction

Do you have a dog? We’d be happy to see your favorite pics with your pet in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit ThisSpartanWill / reddit


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