6 Ways to Not Get a Tattoo You’ll Regret for the Rest of Your Life

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We know that getting a tattoo is not an easy decision. If you want to get a tattoo without regrets, you should follow a series of steps to ensure that you will be happy with it for the rest of your life.

This is why we did research on the most effective tips that will prepare you for your first time getting inked. In addition, they will ensure a good experience from start to finish. Read on to find out all about it!

1. Think deep before making any decision.

If you are wondering if you will regret a tattoo before getting one, then we recommend that you don’t rush into it and don’t let the thrill of getting one guide your decision. 3 out of 4 people, who take the spontaneous approach to getting their tattoos, tend to regret getting them soon afterward.

The lesson to be learned from these tattoo regret statistics is that spontaneity does not drive good choices.

2. Avoid getting a tattoo at a very young age.

People who share their tattoo regret stories admit that they were too young when they got their tattoos. Age, along with our emotional state, should be taken into account before getting permanently inked. 35% of people who regret getting their tattoos do so because they made an impulsive decision. 29% of them got the tattoos because, at that time, the tattoo had a significant meaning, and 18% because it made them feel cool.

In 2012, during an interview, Demi Lovato regretted 12 of her tattoos at the age of 20. She confessed it was a moment-driven decision and said she would consider removing some of them in the future.

3. Stay away from names and faces.

Robert Bertoia/Everett Collection/East News, Jackson Lee/starmaxinc.com/East News

Another factor as to why people regret getting a tattoo is because they got the name of someone they are no longer with, and therefore, they’ve lost their meaning. Although being in love can lead to an emotional decision, it is best to stay away from the names and faces of our loved ones.

4. Make sure you get the desired result.

“Her tattoo says ’fresh spring roles’ in Thai”.

The most regretted tattoos are the poorly done ones. 40% of people say that they regret their tattoos because they don’t like the way they look.

5. Plan your next tattoo ahead of time and do your research.

We’ve learned that peer pressure and spontaneity set the perfect stage for getting a regretful tattoo. So if you’re planning on getting one that you’ll love forever, you need to take this decision seriously and do your own research.

When deciding on a place to get a tattoo, make a checklist of factors, like the reputation of the place and recommendations from others, and make sure the place practices all the required safety and hygiene standards.

6. Make a smart decision on the size.

Oddly enough, most people regret smaller tattoos compared to larger ones. Around 63% of tattoos that people regret are smaller designs by comparison, to those who decide to go big or go home and ink their entire sleeve. This could be because a larger tattoo requires more time to meditate and figure out.

But whatever decision you make, whether it’s a small or large tattoo, consider that regardless of the size, you need to be 100% sure that you want it permanently on your skin. Because even Britney Spears said, “I don’t even like the ink” for her small-size tattoo.

Do you have a tattoo you regret? Let us know in the comments below and share your story!

Preview photo credit Robert Bertoia/Everett Collection/East News, Jackson Lee/starmaxinc.com/East News


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