7 Everyday Things That You Probably Had No Idea Could Clog Your Pores

3 years ago

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that affects about 90% of all people at some time during their life, and treating it can be very tricky. There are a lot of things that can cause it and some of those might be right under our noses.

That’s why the Bright Side team decided to take a closer look at subtle everyday things we do that could be contributing to this skin issue.

1. Dog licks

You may have heard before that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a person’s, but that is actually not true. In fact, dogs’ mouths are full of bacteria, and while the display of affection from your pet may not seem harmful at first, if you already suffer from acne, the puppy’s saliva may exacerbate it.

2. Kissing

When someone gives you a kiss, the person’s nose can touch your face. The combination of oil and friction might cause your skin to breakout. Also, if your significant other has facial hair, the scruff can scratch your skin, which causes irritation, and sometimes, more pimples.

3. Your phone

While it may be true that in this day and age it’s hard to imagine not owning a phone, it’s been found that they actually contain more bacteria than toilet seats. Every time we touch our skin with our phones, we are exposing it to all the bacteria and germs and that can lead to future zits and clogged pores.

4. Your toothpaste

Even though it’s common advice to apply toothpaste in order to clear up pimples, this is not recommended. Most kinds of toothpaste contain certain ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate, that can irritate your skin and make it more prone to breakouts. Moreover, if you’re getting zits around your mouth or chin, pay attention to what kind of toothpaste you are using.

5. Your hair conditioner

If you are noticing angry zits or bumps along your hairline, forehead, or back — your hair conditioner might be responsible. It’s always a good idea to take a closer look at the ingredient list of your products, because a lot of them might be major pore-clogging. A helpful tip is to wash your face and body after you rinse the conditioner out of your hair.

6. Lack of sleep

Sleep is the time our body uses to replenish itself and recharge. A lack of sleep has been shown to cause a lot of issues, including stress. Consequently, that leads to skin inflammation and increased production of oil, which can result in clogged pores and breakouts.

7. Your laundry detergent

Some of the ingredients in certain laundry detergents can be too harsh for the skin and cause it to react, due to detergent residue that is left on the fabric. For example, when you put on your clothes or when you pat your skin dry using a towel. If you recently switched up your laundry routine and noticed a few new bumps on your face and/or body, that might be why.

Have you noticed any more common practices that could be contributing to breakouts?

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