7 Tricks From a Makeup Artist to Help You Look Younger

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8 months ago

You can hardly find a woman who doesn’t want to stay young and attractive for as long as possible. But wrinkles and other changes don’t mean that beauty is a thing of the past.

We at Bright Side are pretty sure that women can look gorgeous at any age, and we asked a makeup artist to share tricks that will help emphasize your natural beauty and divert attention from the numbers in your passport.


For mature women, it’s desirable to use a fine light-reflecting base. It fills wrinkles with fine shimmering particles and visually smoothes the skin’s texture.


It’s best to use a medium (even closer to light) density foundation to avoid the effect of a mask. Our aim is to smooth the tone, give the skin a velvet texture and a well-groomed look, and hide minor imperfections.


A beautiful and accurate eyebrow shape is a thing of extreme importance because it gives the face a well-cared for look. A pretty arch of the eyebrows and a properly selected color visually opens the eyes and makes the face look fresh. Try to avoid saturated black and gray colors — it’s preferable to use warm and cold-warm shades as they give you a younger look.

The eyelash line

Take a sharp pencil and draw a thin black line right in the top row of eyelashes. Don’t forget that it’s not an eyeliner — it’s a thin line in the eyelashes. It adds depth to the look, as well as expression and density to the eyelashes.

Shadows and sculpting

Apply shadows to the eyelids. On the inner corner of the eye we put a light shade and then a more intense one — for example, pale peach, lilac, pearl-pink, powdery, satin moon. Emphasize the outer corner with dark shadows: chocolate shades, deep rum, grayish-brown, or brown with a purple midtone are perfectly suitable. It’s better to apply dark shadows to the lower third of the eyelid in order not to make it look heavier and not to add age to your face. Don’t forget about face sculpting. We emphasize cheekbones and make them visually smaller.

Lip makeup

To make lip makeup last longer, use a professional lip pencil. It’s preferable to not only outline lips but also fill the entire surface with color. If you like gradients (ombré), cover the inner corners with a darker pencil. If you like matte lips, you can leave them as they are.

Finishing touch

To create a glossy effect, apply lipstick over the pencil: cover the middle of the lips with a lighter shade and the inner corners with a darker one. That’s how we keep the lip volume and the ombré effect. If you want the effect of wet lips, you can use a drop of transparent lip gloss in the middle.

Here’s the result:

Note that the purpose of makeup is not to “rejuvenate“ or ”confuse" the admirers — its aim is to help women of all ages emphasize their advantages and feel more confident.

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko, makeup artist Angelina Korsakova, model Lubov Shatokhina for Bright Side


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