9 Food Choices That Will Help You to Confidently Flaunt Your Teeth

9 months ago

A smile costs nothing. And if there are shiny white teeth behind that smile, there’s nothing like it. People these days spend a fortune on dental surgeries, but there is always something nearby that can easily solve tooth problems in the comfort of your home.

We at Bright Side wanted to shed light on some everyday foods that we never realized could be used to help our teeth too.

9. Cheese, not chewing gum

Say cheese! But do you always do it without hesitation? Or are you always getting clicked while trying to hide your pale teeth?

Cheese is the solution! Being a great source of calcium, it can help you get rid of cavities. Studies have shown that pH level is very important for tooth health. Cheese has been noted to raise the pH level and take it above 5.5, which reduces the risk of tooth decay.

All chewing gums do is produce saliva, which is good for teeth. Apart from that, sweet chewing gum, in particular, can do more harm than good. People suffering from any kind of jaw pain or temporomandibular disorder symptoms (TMD/TMJ) are also advised to avoid chewing gum. It is always advised to use alternatives to chewing gums.

8. Turmeric vs medicines

Turmeric stains are tough to shift, and it was a well-known dyeing agent among our ancestors. Isn’t it difficult to believe that it can whiten your teeth?

Research proves that turmeric not only solves dental hygiene problems but also serious dental problems like toothache, swelling of the gums, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Medicines, on the other hand, can give only temporary relief and can damage dental health in the long run. Overusage of medications can give you conditions like dry mouth and tooth and gum issues.

7. Cucumbers vs lemons

It’s a popular belief that lemons can give you shiny white teeth. But if you ask a dentist, he may tell you that there is the serious side effect of losing teeth enamel. So what’s the alternative? Cucumbers!

The fiber in cucumbers massages your teeth and gums. Along with that, the cucumber juice secreted in your mouth is beneficial for those suffering from pyorrhea.

You may find lemons on top of the list of tooth remedies at many places. But there is a catch here too. They may be doing the external job of making your teeth whiter, but they are also ruining the enamel. Lemons contain acid, which can gradually take off the thin coverage of enamel on your teeth.

6. Strawberries vs strawberry candy

This little red fruit is a wonder fruit for sure! Strawberries are said to be one of the most powerful teeth whiteners as they not only act as a good astringent but are also a rich source of vitamin C.

Strawberries can also be used as a tooth cleanser when mixed with baking soda. So by eating strawberries, apart from the great taste, you are also giving yourself a promise of healthy white teeth.

Strawberry candies, or any candies for that matter, are better taken in moderation as the sugar present in them can lead to tooth decay and cavities. It is also advised to brush your teeth after eating anything sweet.

5. Tofu vs aerated drinks

Lots of people suggest consuming tofu for its high calcium and protein levels. Let’s introduce you to one more benefit of tofu.

Tofu is said to be a saliva maker, thus helping with tooth cleaning. It is also highly alkaline and is a good source of calcium for your teeth.

Add this wonderful protein to your diet not only for tooth wellness but also for your overall health. As for the aerated drinks, we are sure that everyone is in agreement with the fact that they are not good for dental health. Aerated drinks not only lead to tooth erosion but cavities as well. These drinks cause damage to the layer of enamel on your teeth.

4. Green tea vs black tea

The color of your drink matters! Take, for instance, your tea: the darker, the better!

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which help fight plaque bacteria. It also helps to stop and control the growth of bacteria in the mouth, thereby stopping them from producing acid that leads to tooth decay.

The bonus is that it also gets rid of bad breath. Cheers to that!

Black tea (coffee too) can give you tooth problems. Tea stains your teeth because of its high tannin content.

3. Coconut oil vs chocolates

Coconut oil may sound weird for teeth, but it’s been proven to do wonders. The lauric acid present in coconut oil is good enough to fight the tough bacteria present in your mouth, which causes tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases.

The method involved is called oil pulling, and it requires you to swish the oil in your teeth for 15-20 minutes. Then suck the oil through your teeth slowly, and you are done! You don’t need to swallow the oil in the process, just suck it and spit it out.

Apart from dark chocolates, all others are to blame for tooth decay. White chocolate or milk chocolate, which have a higher sugar content than cocoa, can lead to severe cavities.

2. Celery vs potato chips

Celery tastes fresh and crunchy, and it is also good for dental health.

The high water content of celery makes it good to chew for your teeth. These beautifully colored leaves will not only trim your waistline but will also cut down on the bacteria present in your mouth.

Celery also helps remove plaque. If chewed well, it can also cleanse the grooves between your teeth of food particles.

You can’t eat just one! This stands true for your favorite chips. But did you know how deep that crunch sound goes? Potato chips are full of starch and are, therefore, not healthy for your teeth. The starch can get stuck in your teeth and cause erosion. Either don’t eat them or make sure you floss that day.

1. Onions. Yes, really!

Onions? Are you serious? Yes, we are definitely stressing the fact that onions act as a tooth cleanser and whitener.

They might take away your good breath, but the sulfur compounds present in onions will help prevent plaque formation. All you need to do is chew some raw onions and leave the rest to them. It is also said that rubbing onions on your teeth can help get rid of toothache.

Pro Tip: An excess of fluoride can speed up tooth decay. So if you think a little extra toothpaste will help your teeth stay strong and white, think again!

Our teeth enhance our smile, and we must treat them with care. Do you have more tips for tooth health? Share with us in the comments below.


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Amazing ideas. Thank you for the great information, now I have a better understanding on how to take care and whiten teeth naturally. I’m pretty sure this will be extremely helpful. Thanks!


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