9 ​Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That’ll Help You Have a Healthy and Bright Child

3 years ago

Mothers are “all in” when it comes to their child’s well-being. But you would be surprised to find out how many things can have an impact on your bundle of joy during pregnancy. That’s why we should be cautious about which kind of habits we adopt, since they can have a long-term impact on our child.

We at Bright Side are all about useful tips that improve the well-being of children. That’s why we did the research for all the moms out there and we want to share the do’s and don’ts for them to follow while they are “with child.” However, before doing any of these tips, you should always consult with your doctor first.

1. Don’t overstress as this can affect your baby’s development.

The brain is the first organ that starts forming in the womb. And while experiencing short-term stress won’t impact the baby later in life, long-term stress might cause a series of adverse effects. Children are more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and even depression as teenagers.

If the mother-to-be experiences extreme stress, the baby’s brain won’t develop to its full potential, which can create an adverse long-term effect on memory and learning.

2. Don’t eat raw meat and seafood because your baby can contract listeriosis.

Not eating different varieties of foods, especially after the fourth month of pregnancy, might lead to having a picky eater child. However, this is not a license to eat anything. You should be careful when it comes to some foods that can do you (and your baby) more harm than good.

Undercooked or raw meat and seafood elevate the risk of food poisoning that can cause health complications in babies, like problems with their heart and kidneys, infection of the brain and blood, premature labor, and even miscarriage.

Also, by eating raw or too much fish, you may be exposing your baby to high levels of mercury, which can result in vision problems, hearing issues, and brain damage.

3. Expose your belly to sunshine so your baby can have healthy bones.

During the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby opens its eyes in the womb. And even though they can only see blurs, it’s recommended to expose the belly to sunlight as the baby can now respond to light. However, be very careful because too much heat can be harmful. That’s why the more suitable time for exposing your belly to sunlight is before 10 AM or after 3 PM.

Protecting yourself completely from direct sunlight is safe for you and your baby, but that may also cause a vitamin D deficiency. This can lead to reduced bone density in your child, ultimately leading to a higher risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. That’s why you should regularly take the vitamins your doctor prescribes for you.

4. Include a fitness routine, this can boost your child’s memory.

Working out while pregnant can have a plethora of health benefits for you and for your child as well. Being active during pregnancy increases the neurons in your baby’s brain that are responsible for memory and learning by 40%. Also, children whose moms had a fitness routine while pregnant are likely to have better motor skills than children whose moms didn’t exercise.

5. Massage your bump, it can have an impact on your child’s happiness.

Massaging your belly during the first trimester may make your morning sickness worse. But, after that, it’s encouraged that you and your partner massage your bump with gentle touches so both of you can bond with your baby.

This is important because the lack of an emotional bond between the baby and their parents may lead to mental health problems and reduced overall happiness later in life.

6. Don’t expose yourself to loud noises as this can lead to low-birth-weight babies.

Your unborn baby loves listening to music. This can increase its serotonin levels and even enhance concentration. But you should remember to keep the volume down. Exposing your belly to loud noises all the time can affect your baby’s development and even damage its hearing.

7. Talk to your bump, your baby will recognize your voice when it’s born.

At the beginning of the third trimester, the baby starts to respond to the mother’s voice. Babies start to learn while they are still inside the womb and talking to them will stimulate language development. This is another way to help you and your partner create a strong bond with your unborn child.

8. Don’t clean your cat’s litter box as this can lead to complications.

Cuddling with your cat while pregnant is safe, but cleaning their litter box, in some cases, may lead to pregnancy complications and even miscarriage. Feline waste is full of parasites and bacteria, of which, Toxoplasma gondii is particularly harmful to pregnant moms and babies. If the baby contracts it, it can cause health problems, like mental disabilities and seizures.

9. Don’t relax in a sauna or a hot tub as this will raise your core temperature.

While sitting in a sauna and soaking in a hot tub might sound like a good way to relax, this can be very harmful to expectant mothers and their babies. Using one of these may increase the chances of a miscarriage and increase the possibility of birth defects.

Do you know any other useful tips that would help expectant mothers have a smoother pregnancy?


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I notice many women do sports in their pregnancy, I always thought such activity is harmful for babies


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