A Bakery Artist Shares a Bunch of Pie Crust Designs, and We Want to Try Them All

3 years ago

Elvira Sayfutyarova is a scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry who was born in Russia but now lives in the US. Apart from being a scientist, Elvira is also a creative baker, and on her Instagram page, she posts pictures of the unusual pies with eye-catching crusts that she designs herself. From geometric patterns and flowers to animals and even a chessboard — she knows how to surprise her followers and encourage people to bake at home.

Here at Bright Side, we want to show you the artistic pie crusts created by Elvira, and we bet they’ll inspire you to turn on the oven and start making dough for your own pies!

A pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving with a turkey on it

A tree with leaves made from pumpkin seeds

A penguin pie with a Christmas mood

A chessboard, raw and then baked

A honey crisp apple pie

A few pies with geometric patterns

Some juicy veggies

Lovely scenes from a quiet forest

Crunchy crust made with love

Do you like baking? What cakes, pies, or cookies have you made that you’re most proud of? Share the pictures of your baked masterpieces in the comments!


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I love the idea of the pumpkin seeds, they make the pie look so cool! I'm gonna implement this idea in my creations too :)


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