A Couple Got Married Twice After Wife’s Memory Loss

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Unfortunately, Justice Stamper, a joyful wife, struggles to remember the most significant milestone of her life — her wedding day. Her inability to remember has been a source of heartbreak for her husband, but he found a solution.

They knew they were meant to be together.

Justice Stamper had envisioned her dream wedding since childhood. Her vision included an intimate, country-themed ceremony adorned with sunflowers and vibrant blue and yellow accents.

The fortunate groom had known Justice since their Sunday school days when they were 10 years old. Jeremy confesses to having harbored a deep admiration for her during that time, and their romantic relationship blossomed during their high school years. The couple soon discussed marriage, as they both felt an undeniable connection and a sense of destiny. “We just knew we were meant to be together,” shares Justice, reflecting on their instant bond.

A severe car accident left Justice with memory loss.

Tragically, on August 20, 2014, just a few weeks after their idyllic wedding at Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia, Justice was involved in a severe car accident that left her with life-threatening injuries.

Jeremy recollects the distressing phone call from Justice, her voice filled with tears and anguish, prompting him to urgently rush to her side. Justice was en route to her aunt’s house when another vehicle collided with hers from behind at 50 mph, violently propelling both her and her car approximately 50 feet off the road.

After the accident, Justice embarked on a slow and arduous recovery journey. It took her over a month and a half to gather the courage to disclose to Jeremy that she couldn’t recall their wedding day or the months leading up to it.

Jeremy, though undoubtedly disheartened, responded with unwavering support and understanding. He assured Justice that he harbored no resentment, stating emphatically, “We will do it again,” affirming their commitment to re-creating their special day.

Jeremy launched a campaign to collect money for a second wedding.

Jeremy has remained true to his promise, and the couple embarked on planning a second wedding ceremony, ensuring they could create shared memories of this particular moment.

Taking matters into his own hands, Jeremy secretly launched a GoFundMe campaign, appealing to the kindness and generosity of others to contribute whatever they could toward helping them realize their dream wedding. Their target was set at $5,000, symbolizing the support needed to make their wedding aspirations a reality.

“Our first wedding was beautiful and perfect, but this time, I want Justice to truly be blown away. She really deserves it,” Jeremy shared in the interview.
Justice responded, “I’m lucky to be alive. And I’m so lucky to have Jeremy. Without him, I wouldn’t have made it.”

The power of love is a profound force that transcends boundaries and transforms lives. Love can heal wounds, mend broken hearts, and ignite the spirit with boundless joy and happiness. It can bring people together, fostering deep connections and nurturing relationships that stand the test of time.

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I'm happy that the months before and the wedding day itself were the only things she couldn't remember. What I mean is that her brain injuries weren't that bad and I'm thankful for that.


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