A Guy Photoshops Our Favorite Animated Characters Into His Photos, and It’s Like a Childhood Dream Come True

3 years ago

Eating those delicious bugs with Timon and Pumbaa, having Genie grant us 3 wishes, or enjoying a nice day at the beach with Lilo and Stitch — that’s what we’ve wanted to do since we were kids! And Samuel, a primary school teacher who also does acting and directing as a hobby, decided to make all these things possible for himself.

We at Bright Side love it when reality and fiction come together. So let’s see what Sam and his new friends have been up to!

1. They grow up so fast.

2. Imagine 101 Dalmatians running around your house!

3. Stitch says it’s time to take a nap.

4. You ain’t never had a friend like me!

5. No donuts for Tarzan if he wants to keep that ripped body!

6. When you don’t share the same culinary taste:

7. Hades does not approve of the ventilator.

8. It’s so nice to have a fairy godmother.

9. Zazu thinks he’s spoiling the future king.

10. Hercules seems to be impressed!

11. Thief caught red-handed!

12. We’d gladly share our snack with Abu too.

13. Vacuuming is much more fun with Baloo!

14. Who doesn’t love pasta?

15. When you tell Mushu that your favorite dragon is Toothless.

16. I believe I can fly!

17. Seems like they’re having a good time!

18. We’d love to go to this pool party!

Which character did you want to hang out with when you were a kid? Who could be your best buddy now?

Preview photo credit samuelmb1991 / Instagram


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These are so good, I could look at them for hours! I can actually see myself making some of these for fun


haha I love that tarzan one! That's so creative... I wonder what his work flow is


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