A Mom Decorates Her Son’s Hearing Aids, and Now He Feels Like a True Superhero

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No matter how difficult the circumstances, mothers will always be there to support their children. Freddie was born with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, which caused him to have total hearing loss in his right ear and partial hearing loss in his left ear. Wearing hearing aids can be uncomfortable for some children because of the criticism or comments they may receive from other kids. However, this little boy’s mom managed to transform them into something cool by customizing them with superheroes, cartoons, and other designs. Her intention in doing this is to support her son and other children who have to go through this complex situation.

Sarah Ivermee, Freddie’s mother, told Bright Side about her son’s story and how the idea to transform the device came about. Actions like this should be heard by everyone. It may be irrelevant to many, but for some children, it makes a world of difference to help them feel like they belong and are accepted.

Unexpected news

Sarah’s world changed when Freddie was born. When he was only 5 days old, doctors discovered that he had CMV, and from that moment on, it was very likely that the little boy would suffer from deafness. After 3 months, he was re-evaluated and it was found that his right ear had suffered total hearing loss, and his left ear had moderate hearing loss, but it could increase and become more severe over time.

At 4 months old, Freddie was wearing a hearing aid, and at 2 years old, he got a cochlear implant to stimulate the auditory nerve. At first, learning that her son would be different from others was not easy, but despite the situation, Sarah was able to cope and handle everything that was happening. “I struggled when we found out about Freddie’s deafness, but it was something I came to understand very quickly. I knew it wouldn’t define my son and I understood that he had exactly the same possibilities and future as other children,” she said.

An idea that makes people smile

Although for many children it may seem very strange or complicated to have to wear hearing aids, Freddie is happy to show off his hearing aids thanks to his mom, who thought of customizing these devices to transform them into something fun and enjoyable for kids. The idea came about when her friend’s daughter started having problems with some of her classmates at school who teased her for wearing one of these devices.

Although her son never received negative feedback about it, Sarah wasted no time and did some research to see if there was a way to decorate them. After some digging, she noticed that no company offered everything she needed to customize these devices, so she looked into making stickers and complete kits. The boy then asked his friends for some advice, and “Lugs” was born, a company that would change her son’s life but also the lives of many other children around the world.

“Lugs” to make children happy

In 2014, Sarah created “Lugs” to inspire other children to feel comfortable and proud wearing these devices. The name came about thanks to the woman’s grandfather, as he would always say, “Hold your ears (’lugs’)” when he wanted some attention and to be heard. That’s why Sarah chose that word, because, in addition to loving the sound of it, it’s very easy to pronounce.

At first, the devices Freddie used only had a few red stickers on them, but he was really fascinated. Later, as the designs progressed, he started using devices decorated with Power Rangers.

Inspiration for new designs comes from the ideas Freddie and his brother share with their mother. The little ones are also in charge of telling their friends what they like best, and “Lugs” customers are also an important part of this project, as they suggest different kits according to their tastes.

Behind all the work this woman does, there is a great sense of satisfaction in seeing how many children’s lives are changed by using her products. “Knowing that the little ones love their devices and are proud to show them off to their friends when they weren’t before, that’s the reason I do all this,” Sarah said.

For his part, Freddie is very happy to help his mother in any way he can, especially by participating in the whole process involved in making new molds. He is happy with the project and loves to see others using the devices his mom makes, as he is proud of all the help the children receive thanks to the efforts of this great woman.

Seeking to spread happiness

Provided by Sarah Ivermee for Bright Side

The response from the children has been very positive, and many of those who didn’t want to wear hearing aids started to want one of the ones Sarah makes. The owner of this revolutionary idea wants to embrace as many devices as possible and would also love to progress to other products that people with disabilities require.

With all her dedication and effort, Sarah has accomplished amazing things that have transformed the lives of many children, like her son, and has become a great inspiration to many people who have to deal with the same situation. “No mom or dad should feel guilty about some feeling or emotion that’s connected to what their child is going through. Yes, there are times when everything will be difficult, but eventually, everything will be okay.”

Provided by Sarah Ivermee for Bright Side

After everything is said and done, this supermom proves that small changes can make a big difference and that no matter the circumstances, we should always look for a way to work things out and see the bright side of what comes our way. In the end, being different can be great.

What do you think of this idea? What message would you like to send to Freddie and his mother? Tell us in the comments.

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