A Proud Dad Defends His Son’s Choice to Wear Nail Polish After Another Kid’s Mom Said It’s Not OK (Photos)

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8 months ago

A small boy faced a misunderstanding during a football match because he had nail polish on. While this might make some boys feel bad, Tommy didn’t. He decided to stand up to the stranger, and his dad came to help us understand why.

Boy wearing nail polish at football event faces criticism.

A dad who goes by @daddyfiles username on TikTok recently shared a touching and empowering moment featuring his young son. In that video, the boy recounts an incident where someone’s mom asserted that “only girls can wear nail polish.”

Despite people thinking that boys should act a certain way, the brave young boy didn’t let it bother him. He confidently spoke up and did things differently, showing that it’s okay to be yourself and not follow what others expect.

Tommy the kiddo had a perfect response.

After agreeing with his dad that “that’s ridiculous,” he went on to tell his dad what he had said to his peer. “I said, your mom’s only mad because I got more taste than you.” The father concluded the video by sharing a heartfelt recommendation for parents who might still be stuck in old-fashioned gender stereotypes.

He wanted to help them understand that it’s important to let kids be themselves and not limit their potential based on rigid expectations. Aaron’s message resonated with many, inspiring a positive change in how parents approach raising their children.

“Anyone can wear nail polish, even football players, even baseball players,” dad said.

People on TikTok wholeheartedly agreed with Aaron and showered him and Tommy with applause for their refreshing take on gender standards. Comments were like, “Kids like this guy give me hope for the future. What a great dad!” “Perfect comeback.”

“When I have a son he’s allowed to get his nails painted, I’ve noticed my brother get so upset that my sisters do it, but he’s not allowed to.” “Raising them right!” “You go, kid!” You can watch the full video down below.

Before you go, read this article where another dad took his 3-year-old son for a manicure and pedicure when the teacher said it’s only for girls. He has got something to say too.


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