Dad Takes His Son, 3, for a Manicure and Pedicure After His Teacher Said It’s ’’Only for Girls’’

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This dad is teaching his son the importance of embracing his individuality without feeling any shame. When a schoolteacher told his 3-year-old that painting your nails was “only for girls,” this father had the best reaction, and we’re curious to know if you agree with him.

He made his little boy so happy.

Christian Shearhod took to TikTok to share a recent story about what happened to his son Ashton. He explained “My son came home from school really upset because his teacher told him that painting your nails is only for girls.’’

The video then proceeds to show the dad and his girlfriend taking Ashton to a nail salon, where the little boy excitedly chooses bright pink nail polish. He then sits in the chair waiting for his mani-pedi, as he proudly notes, “I want pink.”

He continued by having his nails shaped before the bright color applied to his hands and feet. And Ashton was thrilled to see that his father’s girlfriend, Eden, had chosen the same shade as him.

The 3-year-old then cutely blew on his fingernails, though his father claimed he had “no idea where he picked up this behavior.”

The young dad then ends the video by writing, ’’let little boys like what they like... Trucks, Spider-Man, Paw Patrol &&& maybe painting his nails."

He wants kids to express themselves without shame.

And this is not the first time the little boy has shown interest in painting his nails.

In fact, Christian reveals that he and his son have been painting their nails together since the he was 2.

In an interview, Shearhod who is a teacher himself, reveals his real motivation behind taking his son to the nail salon after the teacher’s comments.

He noted, “I really just wanted to make sure that he didn’t have guilt or shame, because it is something that he enjoyed.” He also adds that his goal is for his son to enjoy life to the fullest at his age, without “strict gender norms.”

And when it comes to the reason why he shares these kinds of videos on his social media, Christian explains, “I just want to inspire students to really want to be themselves, unfiltered.”


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