A Single Mom of Six Gave Birth to Eight Kids at Once, Here’s What a Day in Her Life Looks Like

2 years ago

Imagine having to tend to fourteen kids at once and taking care of them all by yourself. That’s the life of Nadya who is managing the tough momma role amazingly well. When she gave birth to octuplets, people wondered if she had bit off more than she could chew, but over the years Nadya has proved everyone wrong.

Bright Side is in awe of this beautiful family and would like to tell our readers their story.

She planned to have one more kid after six.

Being a single child, Nadya always wished for siblings and a big family. Unfortunately, she suffers from medical issues that don’t let her conceive naturally. Determined, Nadya saved money for IVF treatments and became a mom of six children. But she wanted more.

She decided to give it a go one last time. However, the doctor planted six embryos inside her as she wanted to have all of her remaining ones transferred. Only to later find that she’s gonna have eight kids.

The pregnancy took a heavy toll on her body.

According to Nadya, she started “showing” at just nine days and her belly became round and wide. After 6 months, she snapped her rib and had to be in bed for six weeks while her mom cared for her. Due to complications, the babies were born via a C-section. All healthily delivered, they became the first octuplets to survive their infancy.

The big family lives in a three-bedroom house.

At the time of the kids’ birth, Nadya was unemployed and living with her mother but she worked hard, accepted any work she could get, and managed to care for all of her babies. Currently, the family lives in a three-room house in Orange County.

They lead a vegan lifestyle.

Nadya believes in the power of eating clean and healthy and practices being a vegan. Her kids are no different and like to follow their mom. As for studies, the kids are remotely learning for now, which means even more work for the mother but she’s doing a great job so far. More power to her!

The family has reserved Saturday as a “fun night” where they spend quality time together. Nadya reveals her older children, however, “cringe” at the tradition but the momma and octuplets love it and never miss it.

Can you imagine being a single momma of 14 kids? What would you do if you found out you were carrying eight babies at once?


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