A Woman Abandons Her Baby at Her Boyfriend’s House and He Decides to Raise the Kid as His Own

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11 months ago

There are many ways to become a parent. It is not mandatory to have a biological connection with a child in order to love them as your own. Life can often surprise us, and parenthood can happen in unexpected ways, like in our article. This story dates back to about 25 years ago, when Costa answered the door to find his girlfriend standing there with a baby.

His mother left and never returned.

Moisés Costa didn’t find out about his girlfriend’s pregnancy until she was already 5 months along. However, he had a feeling that he was not the father of the child. “We were together, but she lived in a rural area,” he said.

So one day, she called him to say she was pregnant, and then she disappeared. When the child was about 2 months old, she came back around, said she needed to do some shopping, and wanted to drop him off. Since that day, she never returned.

Costa decided to raise the child as his own.

After the disappearance of the baby’s mother, Costa decided to take a DNA test, which confirmed his suspicions that he wasn’t the biological father of the baby, Davyd. Even though Costa knew that he wasn’t the biological father, he still chose to take care of the boy. Davyd’s biological mother visited him a few times when he was younger, but it was apparent to Costa that she had no interest in taking her son back or helping.

Now Davyd is 25 years old and they still are together. “He is my son in my heart. While we may be registered as brothers, he is my son and my best friend, and I will do everything to take care of him,” Costa shared.

It turned out that Davyd was suffering from a chronic illnesses.

Shortly after his arrival, Davyd fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital for medical attention. At that time Costa and his family were not aware of Davyd’s health condition. Later the doctors discovered he had a brain injury.

In fact, the boy had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and permanent atrophy of the limbs. And besides having these disabilities, he is unable to speak and requires constant supervision as he cannot be left alone.

Despite all of the financial difficulties, Davyd is in good hands.

Caring for Davyd is a challenging task for Costa and his 72-year-old mother because of his disabilities since the treatment costs a lot of money, and there has to be someone around him at all times. As Davyd grows older, Costa worries about who will take care of him in the future. He is currently looking for his biological father and other relatives of Davyd, but he still loves Davyd deeply, and he doesn’t want to leave him to someone else.

“Davyd is the love of my life. I’m not going to hand him over to anyone,” Costa said.


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