The Story of a Man With Down Syndrome Who Got 2 Gifts From Destiny: a Dream Job and the Love of His Life

3 years ago

Jake Pratt is a man who, by the time he turned 21, got the job of his dreams and is now getting ready for a wedding with the person he truly loves. Jake’s case could have been just another story among stories, but the way he’s overcome all the difficulties he faced on his journey may truly teach us that anything and everything is possible.

We at Bright Side believe that Jake’s story will inspire our readers and bring change to how people treat individuals with Down syndrome.

Meet Jake Pratt, a man born with a special condition that didn’t stop him.

Jake Pratt is a young man who was born with Down syndrome. Growing up, his path was not easy. In one of her interviews, Jake’s sister Amy Hyde, shared that “[The doctors] said that his impairment would keep him from living any sort of normal life and that he might even need to be institutionalized.” But Jake’s family refused to give up. “My family has always embraced the philosophy that Jake is no different from you or I and that there are no limits to what he can accomplish,” said Amy.

Jake himself also never looked down on his state. “He wanted to be on the high school football team when some people thought that was impossible, but he did it. He wanted to score a touchdown in a game, and he did. He wanted to go to college, and he did,” shared Hyde. Now, Jake has 2 jobs: Jake starts every morning by working at a golf course and then runs packages for UPS.

Jake’s jobs are not just a tool for his self-realization and development, but they also bring him into contact with new people. People are an important part of Jake’s life. His UPS co-worker, Richard, has also become his good friend and, sometimes, they play golf together.

Jake’s most heartwarming achievement was when he found love.

Jake and Grace started dating when both of them were in high school. Although Jake is usually outgoing, and his girlfriend is pretty shy, Grace was the one who took the initiative and invited Jake to dance in 2017, they shared. However, despite all the differences they have, their love continues to flourish even 4 years later.

Jake and Grace have common views on their future life together. They dream of getting married and living independently. Meanwhile, Jake is saving for an engagement ring, and Grace is planning their future wedding. They try to spend as much time together as possible. Jake visits Grace at her college, and they video chat every day.

Jake says people have to stop seeing individuals with Down syndrome differently.

He hopes that his case will be a glowing example of how people with Down syndrome can live just as normal a life as everybody else. “I like to be an inspiration for kids with Down Syndrome. I want to be a good role model for them to look up to,” he says. “I think the most important thing is to not treat us any different and to just be nice and kind.”

Did Jake change your perspective about individuals with Down syndrome? Do you think people are ready to reconsider their attitude toward those with Down syndrome?


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His gf looks like she could be his sister hope not though


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