An American Couple’s Unique Wedding Photos Made the Entire World Gasp in Amazement

2 years ago

The canyon in the Moab Desert in Utah, USA was an important place for newlyweds, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin. This desert was the place where the couple met, where Ryan proposed to Kimberly and where they eventually got married almost 400 feet above the ground standing on a special net.

Bright Side wants to tell you about an unusual wedding that took place in the air and the things that the invited guests and relatives of this brave couple experienced that day.

Kimberly and Ryan love extreme sports, so they decided to make their wedding a special occasion that would remind of their lifestyle in every detail. They set special climbing gear in the canyon, put a special net (the type that are used by base jumpers) and made a corridor using ropes.

The bride’s father was so scared that his legs gave way, and when he needed to walk his daughter down the aisle, he fell.

But he got up and continued his way bravely.

Not all of the guests were brave enough to follow the bride and groom, many of them watched the wedding from the nearest rocks. To make sure that everyone heard their wedding vows, the bride and groom spoke them into a microphone.

During the ceremony, friends of the newlyweds walked on ropes over the cliff, did some paragliding, and performed fun tricks.

When they were asked if they wanted to be husband and wife, the couple cried out, “Hell, yeah!” At this moment, 10 female base jumpers jumped off the cliff and scattered thousands of flower petals.

“For three years we have been holding each other’s fates in each other’s hands, there is a special kind of trust and connection between us”, said Kimberly on her Instagram.

“Our adventure reminds us that we shouldn’t waste the time of our lives and pay attention to the problems which are actually non-existent”.

If you’re not too frightened of this wedding event, here is a video that will better help you to understand the very unique atmosphere of this incredible event.

We wish Kimberly and Ryan a long and happy life together! Would you be brave enough to have a wedding like this one?


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