An Artist Draws Monsters Next to People on the New York Subway, and They Are Surprisingly Realistic

5 years ago

Social media artist Ben Rubin, otherwise known in the online world as “Subway Doodle,” has turned his trips to and from work into a fun activity that everyone on the internet loves. He takes pictures of fellow passengers on the train and doodles incredible monsters posing with them. The poses and overall results are so accurate that it makes you think that they are part of the real world.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to share with you the funniest and most accurate illustrations of the little monsters he incorporates in his photographs.

1. Reality!

2. “Do you mind if we walk together? As a couple?”

3. Will she be more afraid of the loud bang or the monster?

4. Stuart Little all grown up

5. Ohh no, I’m stuck!

6. HELP! I’m getting squished!

7. Every Monday morning!

8. Little monster curious about the view

9. What commuters face on a daily basis!

10. Accurate visual description of taking the subway during the summer

11. “I’ve been underground so long, I think it’s getting smaller.”

12. Subway during the summer

13. Subway during the winter

14. “Sorry these seats are taken, my hands, feet, and head need a spot!”

15. “Nobody wants to sit next to me.”

16. “Oh, WOW, look at my reflection. I am gorgeous!”

17. “You are mine now.”

18. “Hello there, handsome!”

19. This is everyone, every weekend, on the subway.

20. The struggle is real.

21. “Hi, I am a backpack Pokémon.”

22. When you dream of getting a seat on the subway an hour before even getting on the subway:

23. “It’s so nice and cozy sleeping on you.”

24. “This is what you look like.”

25. “This is quite an interesting book.”

26. “I could use some coffee, thank you.”

27. “I will just rest on your head since there are no other seats available.”

28. “What is she doing?”

Which of these images did you enjoy the most? Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your family or friends who take the subway!


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