An Artist Shows Unforgettable Moments From Living With Her Dog That’ll Even Make Cat Lovers Smile

4 years ago

Dog owners never seem to get tired of re-telling the funniest stories from their everyday shenanigans with their doggos. But, instead of telling stories with words, illustrator Gemma Gené has a different way of re-capturing her favorite moments with her cute, fuzzy pupper.

We at Bright Side really liked these amazing sketches that show the crazy, adventurous life of Gemma Gené with her pug, Mochi. And we think every dog owner is going to be able to relate to and get a kick out of these 16 sketches.

1. You just can’t get a minute of peace, but you love it anyway.

2. He who provides the food is protected at all times. That’s the rule.

3. When you almost have a heart attack...

4. It’s pretty obvious who gets all the attention at all times, without exception.

5. And not a minute of privacy was given to the master.

6. Snuggle time is always a good idea.

7. When you’ve both been thinking about each other all day.

8. Taking cute photos is never a difficult thing to do.

9. That’s one prank that any dog has up its sleeve.

10. A dog’s love is the best kind of medicine.

11. My fuzzy baby is a cutie pie, don’t you think?

12. When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.

13. Is it a puppy or is it a sunflower?

14. There’s nothing bigger than a pupper’s love.

15. There’s only enough love for one of us, pal.

16. They just make your life so beautiful, and you wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

Bonus: and here’s the happy family all together.

How does the life of a dog owner seem to you? Can you relate to the situations in these sketches? Share your everyday stories with your pupper in the comment section.

Preview photo credit 157ofgemma / Instagram


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the sunflower one is so true, my dog always follows me around and only wants to look at me


I have seen this kind of behavior from other animals too, like my uncles bird, he is really defensive about his area and only my uncle gets his attention


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