As Alyssa Milano Turns 50, She Reveals Her Clever Approach to Aging and the One Secret to Her Youthful Glow

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At 50, Charmed actress Alyssa Milano is living her best life, and looking as radiant as ever. The mother of 2 has a very wholesome approach to life, and she loves to share it with her fans. Milano is also totally open about getting work done on her face to look her best, and her honesty makes us admire her even more.

She feels grateful to be 50.

The actress posted a barefaced pic on her Instagram to celebrate her 50th birthday, and to share a powerful message with her fans. She wrote, ’’This is 50. No filter. No touching up. No make-up.’’ She added, ’’I will spend this day, the same as every day. I will move a little, love a lot, be of service, and count my blessings.’’

In fact, the mother of 2 is all about keeping it real, living in the moment, and choosing to look at the bright side of life. She noted, ’’I’m happy to be here. Right here. Right now. In this time. In my time. In your time.’’

She chooses to accept and love herself no matter what.

Milano is no stranger to these authentic selfies. 2 years ago, she celebrated her 48th birthday with another makeup free pic where she admitted that she’s aging. But she doesn’t feel worried or stressed by the transformations her body is going through. She wrote, ’’No makeup. Just my skin that I’ve become super comfortable in.’’

The Charmed actress also believes that self-acceptance is crucial to living our best life. She shared, ’’My body makes crackling sounds when I walk. My daughter asked me the other day why my butt is so jiggly... But overall, I’m just grateful for this life. My life.’’

She then noted, ’’If someone told me that for the next life, I get to choose who I come back as—I’d choose me again.’’

She’s not against a little nip and tuck.

Alyssa, who still looks stunning, more than ever now that she’s entered her fifties, didn’t hide the fact that she uses the help of injections to keep her youthful glow. When a commentator on TikTok asked her, ’’What do you use for wrinkles?’’ she replied with a video simply saying: “Botox!”

’’My laugh lines are deeper than my frown lines...’’

Aside from a little help from cosmetic procedures, Milano is a big fan of healthy living. She stated in an interview that she has an organic garden where she and her kids spend a lot of their time. She explained, ’’As a mom of 2, eating organic is a priority. When organic is not an option, it’s about finding the healthiest accessible choices.’’

In addition to her healthy lifestyle, Alyssa is well aware of the importance of happiness in one’s life and how what we feel makes a huge difference to the way we look. She noted, ’’I’ve always said that as long as my laugh lines are deeper than my frown lines, I’m living a good life.’’

Do you agree with Alyssa’s views on aging? What are you most grateful for in your life?


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