David Beckham’s Son Posts a Pic With His Father — People Noticed Something Weird

month ago

As David Beckham hit the big 49, his son Romeo James Beckham stirred the pot on social media with a tribute that split fans down the middle, featuring a throwback photo that ignited a storm of reactions among users.

In a nostalgic Instagram post, 21-year-old Romeo Beckham shared a touching snapshot from the past, showcasing a youthful David Beckham planting a kiss on him. Accompanying the photo was a heartfelt message expressing gratitude and everlasting love: “Happy birthday, Dad. Thank you for everything. Love you always and forever. 🤍🤍”

However, what appeared to be a touching tribute triggered a range of reactions among Beckham’s followers. Some expressed curiosity about the selection of the photo, questioning why Romeo decided on this particular image out of countless others with his father. One commenter, expressing skepticism, asked, “He could have picked out of millions of photo with his dad and picked this one....why?”

Some, although they knew who David Beckham was, were taken aback by the throwback. One user jokingly said, “Is that really David?”, or made comments like, “Not being rude, but I genuinely thought this was a random black guy and his son.” Well, it seemed that many couldn’t recognize that it was actually David in the picture.

Some pointed out the oddity of a father kissing his own child. Conversely, many fans found the photo heartwarming. Some commented on the affectionate bond between father and son captured in the image. One user advised, “Always show love to your dad,” while another simply described the moment as “Oh... so lovely.”

At the same time, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham’s wife, marked his birthday with a touching tribute on Instagram. Victoria, who recently celebrated her own 50th birthday, posted a collection of photos showcasing tender moments with her spouse. In her caption, she affectionately wrote, “Happy birthday David. I love us growing old together! 😂😂,” recognizing their lasting love and strong family bond.

People have talked about David kissing his kids before. Although he receives criticism for this practice, many parents see it as a harmless way to express affection.


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