How Actors From “Criminal Minds” Have Changed Since the Show First Aired

2 years ago

Criminal Minds is a long-running TV show, and with 14 seasons under its belt, a lot has changed since it began. Many characters came and went, and some of our favorite ones even left the show at some point. And some of the cast have been there for each and every season, which is almost 15 years!

We at Bright Side wanted to check and see how our favorite actors are doing now, even those who didn’t stay on the show very long, because they still managed to win our hearts.

1. Lola Glaudini

2. Mandy Patinkin

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt

4. Matthew Gray Gubler

5. Aisha Tyler

6. Kirstin Vangsness

7. Jeanne Tripplehorn

8. Shemar Moore

9. A.J. Cook

10. Thomas Gibson

11. Rachel Nichols

12. Paget Brewster

13. Joe Mantegna

Who was your favorite character? Who do you wish you’d seen more of?


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