Little Boy Kept Kicking My Seat During a Long Flight — My Dad Taught Him a Lesson

month ago

Long flights are tough without added drama. Unfortunately, a dad and his daughter had to deal with a cramped plane and a kid whose parents wouldn’t keep him in check.

People were all of the same opinion.

  • He should have waited till they had drinks (hopefully cold) and then reclined rapidly. Dongar00 / Reddit
  • Your dad gets an A+ in petty revenge. Some people can’t be reached unless they are directly impacted. As long as the kid was kicking someone else’s seat, they couldn’t be bothered. People like these and the little sociopaths they are raising should be dropped off on their own deserted island. NeatNefariousness1 / Reddit
  • Well done. Made them make the kid stop kicking, and got the added benefit of making them seem crazy. techieguyjames / Reddit
  • To be fair, the flight attendant isn’t wrong, a passenger can put his seat down to the max because that’s the design. If I reclined my chair all the way and someone asked me to put it up slightly, then I would be in a decently comfortable position. tomkokotom / Reddit
  • I would have just turned around and stared at the kid intensely until he stopped. Chris_El_Deafo / Reddit

Being polite is always the best approach when facing similar situations.

  • Polite Request: Initially, politely ask the person causing the disturbance to stop.
  • Firm Follow-Up: If the behavior continues, firmly but politely repeat your request. Ensure the disruptive individual understands the impact of their actions on others.
  • Switch Seats: If possible, ask the flight attendant if you can switch seats to another location on the plane. This can provide immediate relief without further confrontation.
  • Engage with the Child: Sometimes, directly engaging with the child in a friendly manner can help. Saying something like, “Hey there, could you please stop kicking my seat? It’s a bit uncomfortable,” might be more effective.
  • Written Note: Consider passing a polite written note to the parents explaining the situation. This can sometimes be more effective than verbal requests, as it gives them a moment to reflect without feeling immediately defensive.
  • Post-Flight Feedback: After the flight, provide feedback to the airline about your experience. This can help airlines improve their policies and train staff to handle such situations better in the future.

Plenty of things can occur on airplanes, like people encountering the weirdest experiences.


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