Humans Were Caught Sleeping Soundly With Their Pets in 16 Sweet Photos

4 years ago

Some pet owners never let their cats and dogs sleep in their beds, but those who do can brag about a bunch of candid photos showing them sleeping and cuddling with their fluffy fellas. What makes these pictures even more interesting are the places and poses the pets choose when sleeping with their humans — they might lie on your head, press their paws against your face, or take up the whole bed making you sleep on the edge.

Here at Bright Side we love those touching moments when our pets fall asleep with us, and we’ve selected 16 pictures for you of humans who were caught sleeping with their cats and dogs.

1. “My girlfriend finally woke up before me and caught our usual sleeping arrangement that I’ve been complaining about. The bed is King-size.”

2. “I came home from work to find all my guys sleeping.”

3. “How my boyfriend and his cat sleep”

4. “Woke up to find my boyfriend and our dog sound asleep like this.”

5. “Came home from work to find someone sleeping with my wife.”

6. “Wife caught us sleeping. ”

7. “Everybody’s got these great pictures of their people sleeping with their pets and I’m over here stuck with this mess.”

8. “My 13-year-old fell asleep cuddling our mastiff puppy.”

9. “Here’s my husband sleeping with the puppies he never wanted.”

10. “His favorite sleeping spot”

11. “My dog Sherlock loves to cuddle. We cuddle on the couch for so long, that we both usually fall asleep.”

12. “This is how my cat and my wife sleep every night.”

13. “My cat loves to sleep like this and it’s undeniably the cutest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

14. “Got a new puppy and he doesn’t like sleeping alone. Came downstairs to this.”

15. “I was reading in bed last night when I realized my husband and our foster kittens were all fast asleep like this.”

16. “Asked my SO why he sleeps in the guest room some nights. He sent me this.”

Do your pets like to fall asleep cuddling with you? If you have a photo of you and your pet sleeping together, please show it to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit claybirds_NY_USA / Reddit


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