I’ve Had 43 Cosmetic Procedures to Look Like a Barbie, but Critics Say I Look Like a “Zombie”

year ago

Baghdad native Dalia Naeem, 29, has spent thousands on a striking transformation to look like the iconic Barbie character. She has even been called the “Iraqi Barbie” by many people because of her blonde locks and absolutely glamorous and recognizable look. We decided to find out how Dalia lives with her sudden fame and how she paves her way through criticism that doesn’t really seem to stand in the way of her dream.

The woman has raised eyebrows online after she showed off her new face.

Dalia Naeem, 29, has always dreamt of looking like an embodiment of the iconic doll. It’s believed she’s undergone 43 cosmetic procedures to copy Barbie’s look.

Dalia is a presenter and actress in her home country of Iraq, and she shares snaps of her face on Instagram, showing off her most recent enhancements.

The woman has more than 990,000 followers on Instagram, and many of them can’t get over just how much she has changed over the years since she started her transformation. Now, a before pic of her is viewed to be almost completely unrecognizable.

Dalia is never tired of praising people who help her reach her ideal appearance. She compliments the beautician who works with her, saying, “Your make-up is Barbie.”

She has been very persistent in reaching her dream look.

Dalia’s procedures include lip fillers and breast enlargement surgery. As a result of her persistence, she is now getting closer to her dream of looking just like Barbie.

But people’s opinions about her hard work on herself are controversial. Not everybody seems to be sure about her look.

Some of her followers criticize her, and one person even said she looks like a zombie. But many people support the young woman in her desire to live her own life and pursue her own dreams. Some men call her “a beautiful rose” in the comments, and others just express their admiration for her look.

Dalia, in her turn, doesn’t seem to care much about all the negative opinions that she’s receiving. As of now, she cannot have any more surgeries in Australia, so she is busy looking for some good international clinics to keep doing whatever makes her happy and brings her closer to her dream.


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She's obviously got a few mental health problems. I really wonder how she feels when she looks in the mirror .


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