Michael Douglas Can’t Hide His Emotions as He Gets Support From Wife and Daughter at Cannes

The 76th Cannes Film Festival turned into a family affair for the Douglas clan. 78-year-old Michael Douglas graced the red carpet with his wife Catherine, 53, and daughter Carys, 20, on each arm. The actor was there to receive an honorary award and the two most important women in his life being there for him, made the moment all the more special.

He’s the man of the hour.


All eyes were on the glamorous trio as they walked the red carpet for the opening of the festival and the screening of the movie Jeanne du Barry. The Hollywood star was also honored ’’in recognition of his brilliant career as well as his engagement for cinema.’’


The two-time Oscar winner who was greeted with a standing ovation as he received his award has playfully noted ’’I’m even older than the festival.’’

The Douglas family is always there for each other.

Catherine and Michael are also parents to a son, Dylan, who is 22. Michael also has an older son named Cameron, 44, with whom he has shared the screen in a few movie projects.

Speaking of their close-knit family, Catherine has noted, ’’Both my daughter and Dylan have been so incredibly supportive to me, not just as an actor, but just me.’’ The proud mother added, ’’I’m extremely blessed to be able to have both of them in my life.’’

And the Douglas family members never miss a chance to shower each other with affection by posting sweet messages on social media. One of these latest occasions was Mother’s Day, where Michael and both his kids have shared separate tributes to express their love for their mom Catherine.

Michael wrote to his wife of 23 years, ’’You are the best, and we love you so much.’’

And just last month, both proud parents shared poignant messages to celebrate their youngest child, Carys, turning 20 years old.

Preview photo credit CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/East News, LOIC VENANCE/AFP/East News


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