13 Times Manufacturers Tried to Fool Us, but We’re Not Falling for It Any Longer

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Marketing experts are creative people who invent more and more tricks to attract customers. They understand and read our minds and sometimes manipulate us. For example, they “enlarge” the size of a product just by adding an XL label to it or put text on something that doesn’t correspond with reality. There’s also a bonus feature at the end of this compilation that can serve as a warning for all travelers to always read rules and instructions before doing anything.

13. They write that a new product is twice as big as its previous version but it’s not true.

12. When they write “100% biodegradable” we assume that it’s about the packaging and buy the coffee. But only then do we notice the tiny text below...

11. They write, “100% juice”. As a rule, after reading this sign, we don’t pay attention to that tiny text.

10. With the help of optical illusions, they make us think there are more products. Here are some examples:

9. They say their product has become larger, but it’s not true.

8. They put labels on top so that we can’t understand that the bottle is almost half empty.

7. They make big packages but don’t fill them up all the way. Thus, we literally pay for air.

6. And here are some ways to attract a customer with a product’s nice and tasty look. Only after we buy this product, we realize we’ve been fooled.

5. Big bags contain as much as regular ones but cost more.

4. They turn their ads into parking tickets.

3. We click several “download” buttons before we find the correct one at the bottom.

2. They fool us by printing fake signs.

1. The terms are always written in a small font.

Bonus: “My hotel offers a kettle and glasses to use, but has a folder in a drawer with the rules. One of them says you have to pay a fine if you use the kettle.”

Keep in mind that these tricks allow marketing specialists to fool us. Have you ever seen such tricky packaging?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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