My Girlfriend is Too Excited About a Party That I’m Not Invited To

7 months ago

Relationships take a lot of time and work, and it’s hard to realize that your partner is not ready to invest any of it in your relationship. Our reader found out his girlfriend was too excited about going to a party with another guy. She claims it’s just her friend, but her reaction to our reader’s questions only make her go into a defensive mode.

One of our readers sent us a message.

Thanks for reaching out to us! We have some tips that you might find helpful.

Rethink your relationship with her.

If your girlfriend is overly secretive about her relationship with Sam, you might want to reconsider your relationship. Decide if you’re ready to accept her male friend and let them spend time together without your involvement.

However, if you think your girlfriend might be cheating on you, you have all the red flags. A girl who has nothing to hide won’t be hiding anything. If she doesn’t show you their messages, she doesn’t want you to see some things because she knows you’ll be hurt.

Ask her more questions.

Find a moment when you’re both comfortable and have an honest conversation with her. Ask her to give more details about who this person is and why he had sent her such a message. Mention that you’re not trying to control her or limit her freedom.

Let her know that you’re just clearing things up to avoid further confusion. If she truly cares about your relationship, she will be ready to talk calmly and explain. If she bursts with anger that it might be manipulation or a defense mechanism.

Tell him to clear things up.

Ask your girlfriend to text him together. You might want to suggest sending him something like this, “Am I invited as a friend or as a date, because I already have a boyfriend”. Her response and reaction will tell you all you need to know. If she is okay with that and asks him the question without hesitation, you don’t have to worry. If she gets defensive again, she might be Sam’s date.

Find a compromise.

Reaching a compromise might just be what you need in this situation. If you can’t attend the party, perhaps you can walk together to the venue and then pick her up after the party. You might want to ask her to get you acquainted with Sam. It doesn’t have to be long, just 5 minutes and you’ll have a clear picture of who your girlfriend was texting. You might even add him on social media and get his phone number just in case.

Some of us can go miles to check if our loved one is truly faithful. In this article, one of our readers faked an emergency and scared her boyfriend. He passed the test, but the relationship ended up being ruined.


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