Mysterious Door No One Has Got Open Until Now

4 months ago

There are many doors all around the world that have no keys! Maybe you can guess how to open them.

The first destination is a temple in India. The temple’s name comes from this other really long word, which can be translated as “the one emerging from the lotus.” This temple is one of India’s most popular and sacred places. It’s one of 108 temples of this word. Vaishnavism. It dates way back. It was mentioned in Tamil literature in the sixth century.

Flash forward to our time. In 2011, the Indian Supreme Court decided to document the valuables of the temple because they had been informed that the place might have been misused. To do so, they had to open the doors that had been closed for centuries. The committee went to the temple and discovered six huge secret vaults that held unbelievable treasures. After the chamber doors opened, they found at least $22 billion worth of golden idols, necklaces, and coins. The officials also discovered ceremonial costumes and gold coconut shells with jewels.

Plus, they saw large diamonds. Not our understanding of large, though. Some of these precious stones were as large as 110 carats! To put it in perspective, a small solid gold statue from the collection could be worth around $30 million. After this fairy tale-ish treasure had been discovered, the temple got equipped with metal detectors, cameras, and other safety precautions before the first visitors started to arrive.

Now, there are a lot of security guards at the temple. But are they protecting the treasure, or is there something more mysterious hiding behind its doors? The temple has six chambers, and the valuables are kept there. These rooms are named chambers A through F. The expedition committee opened five of these vaults with significant effort. But the most bizarre thing is that, despite all efforts involving existing tech, the mysterious Chamber B still wouldn’t open.

On the side of the door, two carved cobras are welcoming you. The door works as a gate. You can easily see it with the unaided eye, just like the doors leading to other chambers. Surprise! Experts discovered two more doors behind the first one! The second door is wooden, and the last one is made of iron. Strangely, the last door was sealed. It also doesn’t have any means of entry — no bolts, handles, latches, or anything else.

To this day, no one knows what’s inside Chamber B. Believers say that opening the door against its will can release into the world unnamable things. Others say that Chamber B may hide a tunnel. It might not be related to the reasons above, but the High Court of India warned against opening the doors of chamber B.

In 2010, David Crespy, a French engineer, visited Machu Picchu. He discovered a strange door found in one of the main buildings. The door was in a narrow path neither tourists nor archeologists used very often. David believed that the place was an entrance the Incas had sealed for some reason. He contacted archaeologists and authorities right away. They promised him to start investigating the area in the nearest future and let him know about his potential discovery. Months passed, but he didn’t get any news. No response to his emails and calls.

In 2011, he found an article by Thierry Jamin about Peru. David reached out to him in no time. He described his finding to Jamin. After that, Jamin and other archaeologists went to Machu Picchu to investigate the secret door. They concluded that this door was indeed an entrance, sealed by the Incas! The researchers confirmed the existence of two entrances found behind the famous door. They also got the 3D representation of a staircase leading to the main room and another chamber.

The analysis also revealed several cavities, among which there was a vast quadrangular room. Plus, geo-radars detected some metals — those might be golden and silver objects. Jamin and his team thought this place was a chamber of pre-Hispanic times. They believed the door had been sealed by the Incas to hide something important. Maybe an enormous treasure or something no less precious. Jamin also claimed that finding this chamber could lead to the discovery of a mausoleum.

Jamin submitted an official request to the Peruvian authorities for permission to open the chambers. Yet neither his application nor requests of other archeologists have been approved so far. Authorities claim that opening this door could cause damage on other sides of the archeological site. Yet, the use of an endoscopic camera has confirmed the hypothesis that the stone blocks at the entrance are only there to close the passage. They are not there to support the internal structures of the building.

The third mystery is in Giza, Egypt. Explorers uncovered two secret doors inside the Great Pyramid. There are two tunnels, each around 8 inches wide, that go from the north and south walls of the Queen’s Chamber.

But the tunnels are closed by stone blocks before they reach the outside of the pyramid. So, where are they leading to? No one really knows the true purpose of these tunnels. Some archaeologists think these doors might be hiding a yet undiscovered chamber. Egyptologist Zahi explained how these doors were first found.

A robot designed for this expedition was sent inside the shafts of the Queen’s Chamber to find out what was there. The research team attached a camera to the robot. The footage revealed that behind the stone door, there was another sealed door! The archaeologists were thrilled to see this door instead of just a dead end. The structure of the stone door blocks the other doors perfectly.

Experts think it’s an incredible bit of engineering. Now, it’s not possible to reach the door because it’s behind a huge stone block. But archeologists are trying to find a way to get there without damaging other parts of the structure. These new discoveries have only raised more questions instead of answering the already existing ones. Secrets are still waiting to be revealed!

The final stop is the Taj Mahal — a monument to love. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan made this memorial to honor the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The total number of doors in the Taj Mahal is so great this video would be days-long if we started talking about all the sealed rooms.

Experts think that if someone opened these doors after they’ve been closed for so long, it’d release carbon monoxide. And when this gas meets the marble, it forms calcium carbonate. That’s why this could lead to the appearance of cracks in the minarets of the Taj Mahal. Also, a legend says that if these doors get opened, a dreadful curse will be unleashed from the mausoleum’s underground chambers.

Here is a bonus from Canada. The door of Room 873. This is a room at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, which was opened in 1888. The story goes like this: decades ago, someone committed a crime in this room. After the investigation, the hotel administration refurbished the room and rented it out to other travelers.

But rumor has it, other guests who stayed in the room later also faced unpleasant situations. They reported hearing strange noises. The TV in the room kept flickering. It’s guessed that the door of Room 873 was sealed with bricks. Curious guests who heard these mysterious stories wander along the corridor where the room used to be and knock on the walls to contact potential ghosts. Which of these secret doors would you like to open?


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