Pedro Pascal Is Now the Most Popular Celebrity in the World, Beating Brendan Fraser

6 months ago

In addition to The Last of Us topping the streaming charts worldwide, Joel Miller, aka actor Pedro Pascal has become the talk of every town. In fact, he is now the most popular star out there as people can’t seem to get enough of him, and neither can we!

He’s been active in the industry for decades.

Invision/Invision/East News, © pascalispunk / Instagram

Pascal started his career with minor roles back in 1996. He appeared in projects like Downtown, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Law & Order, Nurse Jackie, Homeland, and CSI, until his big break in 2014 when he played Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of Game of Thrones.

But he didn’t become a worldwide icon until recently.

It didn’t take much longer for people to notice his incredible acting skills, and Pedro landed roles in popular shows like Narcos and The Mandalorian. But HBO’s 2023 drama series, The Last of Us, apparently had everyone Googling the actor. According to the star meter on IMDb, the Chilean-born American actor is currently the most popular globally.

He uses his platform to stand up for what he believes in.

With great popularity comes great responsibility, and Pedro knows this all too well. The actor uses his social media to stand up for social issues. He is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and human rights. When his sister Lux came out as trans in 2021, he stood right by her side.

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