Robert Irwin Breaks Down in Tears After Watching a Special Nineteenth Birthday Message From His Late Dad, Steve Irwin, and We’re Emotional Too

Robert Irwin was only 2 when his dad, Steve Irwin, the legendary zookeeper, passed away in 2006 at 44 years old. Despite not having his dad around, the young man followed in his idol’s footsteps and became a wildlife conservationist. And this December, as Robert was celebrating his nineteenth birthday at the Australian Zoo, he got a special video message from his beloved late dad, and his reaction was heartwarming.

Robert chose to spend his big day at the zoo alongside a big crowd of fans and animal lovers who wanted to share his joy for this special occasion.

And at a certain moment, Terri, the widow of the ’’Crocodile Hunter,’’ introduced a compilation video of birthday messages to her son. And while all the sweet wishes were from celebrities and loved ones, there was one message that touched Robert’s heart in an unmatchable way.

As the young man was watching the compilation, his late dad, Steve, suddenly appeared on the screen and was talking about how he ’’saw the light’’ when his son was born.

The video contained clips of the proud dad introducing a baby Bobby to zoo visitors and expressing his hopes that his son would grow into the next Crocodile Hunter. Steve was saying that seeing his son continue his legacy would ’’be the proudest moment of my life."

Steve, who also had an older daughter, Bindi, with his wife Terri, wished that his son Bobby would grow up quickly because he wanted to see him ’’catch the crocs with Bindi.’’ The Crocodile Hunter added, ’’Then and only then will I know I have achieved my ultimate goal, and my job will be done.’’

As he heard these incredibly touching words, the 19-year-old Robert turned to his mom, Terri, and broke down in tears. He then addressed the crowd, admitting that it would be ’’impossible to not get emotional" after seeing and hearing his dad onscreen.

Robert noted, ’’It means the absolute world. I just think it’s such a privilege, personally and as a family, to continue the legacy of Dad.’’ The loving son then added, ’’He gave his life, quite literally, for wildlife conservation and to make the world a better place.’’

Although Steve is not here to witness his wish come true, his ultimate dream is now a reality, and thanks to his 2 children’s devotion and passion for wildlife, his life’s mission will being carried on in the best way possible.

How do you remember the late Steve Irwin? Is it your dream for your kids to carry on your own legacy?


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