The 10 Most Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Movies, Ranked

5 months ago

We love films that bring up feelings of fear of uncertainty, and thanks to end-of-the-world and post-apocalyptic movies, we’re able to visualize what it’s like to be years ahead and on the brink of collapse. These post-apocalyptic movies make our anxiety fly high but their entertainment factor is even higher.

10. Zombieland

Zombieland is a story about zombies trying to exterminate all humans. It starts when the virus spreads through a bite; if you get bit, you will turn into a zombie. As resources become scarce, only a few people manage to live and fight for their lives. The strategy is to survive for as long as possible while remaining resilient throughout the zombie outbreak.

9. I Am Legend

I Am Legend is a movie about a brilliant scientist who claims to be curing cancer, but the vaccines have caused some people to resemble wild creatures. These beings are afraid to come out during the day but become active at night, leaving few survivors and limited resources.

The scientist who is left continues to experiment despite the challenges at night, attempting to find another way but taking a dangerous turn. Humans are on the verge of extinction, and their only hope is in a vial containing a cure for the zombie-like sickness.


WALL-E is a film about humans abandoning Earth because it is no longer habitable and the environment is too harsh to live in. The remaining humans are transported onto a spaceship where machines and robots serve as their assistants and are the center of their universe.

AI took over the job of doing everything, and humans were only required to eat, sleep, and enjoy themselves comfortably. More complications arise as the captain of the ship searches for evidence to make planet Earth livable again.

7. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is a film about a world where humans are practically all killed off except for those who boarded the Snowpiercer train. Aside from the train, everything was frozen due to the harsh environment. The train is divided into 3 levels: privilege, workers, and the tail people, who only eat protein bars. The lower classes will soon discover what is in front of the train as well as what they will see and learn from it. As the situation worsens and the train is led by a dictator, real human nature is revealed.

6. Birdbox

Bird Box is a story about the unknown; it’s unclear whether the assailant is an alien or something else. While people are fleeing, it’s best to keep your vision compromised with blindfolds, and your best bet is to rely on your hearing because staring directly at the unknown will force you to do painful things. It’s a story about the fight for survival against mysterious and dangerous people and cults.

5. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is one of the best post-apocalyptic movies ever produced. Since society categorizes people based on their rank and life status, all people who are below average will be forced to play a game. In this game, in which life is exchanged for freedom and wealth (but at what cost), there will only be one winner out of many. Only people with creative minds and strong guts will survive. The winner takes everything, but they need to be thoroughly prepared before going into battle.

4. The Matrix

The Matrix is both a living world and a cyber-intelligence world. When people become reliant on the machine and what it can offer, reality begins to crumble. While others take advantage of the system, it all depends on good people to prevent evil from carrying out its plans and destroying humanity. The closer you get to the truth, the more people will hunt you down.

3. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a post-apocalyptic movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As the world slowly disintegrates, there are fewer people and more creatures that hunt humans or anything that makes a noise. When you make a sound, the vicious creatures will attack you with inhumane speed, so it is best to keep quiet everywhere you go and in everything you do to keep them at bay.

2. The Last of Us

The video game, The Last of Us, served as the basis for The Last of Us TV series. It tells the tale of a pandemic brought on by a fungus. If you contract the virus, you will mutate into a zombie-like, fungus-looking beast. Staying at home is not advised because survival is necessary to live and prosper while the world is slowly collapsing and creatures are lurking around every corner.

1. Interstellar

Interstellar is a story about the planet becoming inhabitable — sooner or later, humans must leave Earth and find another habitable host, which can only be found on other planets. The mission is to find another planet for humans to live on in another galaxy, but as they progress and near completion, more complications arise, and escaping the planet becomes nearly impossible. The people sent on a mission face hardships, even making sacrifices for their loved ones back home.

These post-apocalyptic movies merely serve to demonstrate that nothing is impossibly unattainable and that there is a chance that we will eventually experience the unthinkable. But that’s a problem for the future — right now, all we have is end-of-the-world movies that let us relax while also making us anxious. Here are some more examples of this.


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