The Mysterious Reason Why Cristiano Ronaldo Wears Black Nail Polish on His Toes

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Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous athletes in the world, has recently made some headlines as some eagle-eyed fans noticed that he’s been sporting nail polish on his toes — and his reason has nothing to do with trends. Let’s dip our toes — pun intended — into why men have been doing this for over 5,000 years and what’s behind Ronaldo’s reason for adopting this practice.

Men have been wearing nail polish for longer than you may think.

One of the oldest civilizations that used nail polish was Babylon, where men would paint their nails with ground minerals before battles. The colors they chose would indicate their rank and class and also serve as a way to intimidate their enemies.

Similarly, ancient Egyptian men would wear nail polish according to their social position, with darker shades reserved for the elite. Some tomb paintings show men receiving manicures from servants. Nail polish was a cosmetic product and a symbol of authority and prestige.

Today, many male celebrities use nail polish as a way to express their creativity and individuality or to make a statement about gender fluidity and diversity. Wearing nail polish can be a form of self-expression that communicates one’s identity and values.

Ronaldo’s black toenails are more than a personal preference or fashion statement.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his impeccable physique and dedication to fitness, which he maintains through a strict diet and training regimen. One curious aspect about him puzzled people online: his black toes. He was first spotted with a black pedicure while vacationing in 2010, and ever since, it’s been a common practice for the athlete. He often shows off his well-groomed toenails, and fans often raise their eyebrows, trying to make sense of it.

Many top athletes, like MMA fighters, paint their toenails black to prevent their nails from cracking or splitting during intense physical activity. Moreover, covering your toes with a protective layer can protect your tootsies from fungi and bacteria. Because Cristiano Ronaldo’s job requires wearing closed-toe footwear for most of his time — on and off the field — he is more prone to foot infections than others.

While Ronaldo’s black toes may seem odd or eccentric to some people, this practice shows his professionalism and dedication to his craft. The soccer player grew up in poverty and became a billionaire and never shies away from helping others.

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That's very interesting and cool info. I never would have guessed or known that reason behind Christiano wearing black polish on his toes but it makes sense. Thanks for the heads up Brightside.


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