Users Share Which Actors Instantly Ruin a Movie for Them and Why

10 months ago

There is probably no one actor out there who is liked by everyone. We all have our own personal idols, as well as movie stars that we just do not like. Surprisingly enough, our attitude toward artists doesn’t always depend on their talent and skills. Oftentimes we feel some kind of weird dislike for very unexpected reasons.

We at Bright Side couldn’t pass by the threads where users were sharing which actors they don’t want to see on the screen and why. Much to our surprise, we found a lot of A-list actors among them.

  • Tom Hanks. He’s a great actor. But I just can’t see him as anything other than Tom Hanks in different clothing. I love his personality and values, but I cannot get past that it’s just Tom Hanks. Respect, but I can’t watch him. © kutbakfiets / Reddit

  • Kevin Bacon. His face freaks my wife out, so I haven’t seen a Kevin Bacon movie in over 6 years. © thereisnotry_11 / Reddit

  • Michelle Rodriguez. She always gets typecast as the most annoying, “I’m not like all the other girls, I’m one of the guys,” girls. © Expensive_Historian / Reddit

  • Jennifer Lopez. I start falling asleep whenever she appears on the screen. © Kelvin_Inman / Reddit

  • Ben Stiller. I don’t know what it is, I’ve just never enjoyed him in anything. I’m sure he’s an awesome guy and I respect his work, as well as his reputation, but his films just aren’t funny to me. © charronald / Reddit

  • Angelina Jolie. I’ve thought she was a homewrecker since the Brad & Jennifer break up. No matter what good she does in the world, I can’t unsee it. © thatsterrible42 / Reddit

  • Leonardo DiCaprio. I used to like movies he was in and I consider him a dignified actor. But I got this feeling that he has been working too hard all these years in order to get the “Oscar.” I got a bit tired of it. I even felt some kind of relief when DiCaprio finally got his award because now he can perhaps relax and act without any pressure.

  • Beyoncé. Hollywood is determined to make her a leading lady, but her acting is just awful. © AmiIcepop / Reddit

  • Mark Ruffalo. He always says his lines in a monotone voice. © obbybop1 / Reddit

  • Shailene Woodley. I was in middle school when Secret Life of the American Teenager came out and her character, the lead, was so whiney and unlikeable that it’s ruined everything she’s done ever since. © DevoutandHeretical / Reddit

  • Will Smith. He plays himself and ruins my suspension of disbelief. I don’t see his character, I see Will Smith. © GMU2012 / Reddit

  • Johnny Depp. He used to be interesting, but now it’s a lot of the same. I still have no idea why he was cast in Black Mass — he looks/looked nothing like Whitey and he didn’t embody Whitey’s real spirit. © Beachy5313 / Reddit

  • Renee Zellweger. She’s so squinty. © snackpack3000 / Reddit

  • Chloe Grace-Mortez. I feel like I can tell she’s acting, something about her voice or maybe her facial expressions. © Schwenn / Reddit

  • John Krasinski. So glad he’s directing now. Please stop trying to make him a beefy leading man. © Unknown author / Reddit

  • Anne Hathaway. It feels like she’s trying to play her role, rather than making me believe that she is the person she is portraying. © Unknown author / Reddit

  • Dwayne Johnson. He may be a good actor, but whenever I see him in a movie it just feels like he plays himself. Maybe it’s the writers’ fault though for not writing good characters for him. © Kattnos / Reddit

  • Robert Downey, Jr.. He comes off a bit too weird in his interviews. © GoldPisseR / Reddit
  • Emma Watson. I don’t exactly dislike her, but the love for her kinda confuses me. All I see is someone pretty, who is a good-not-great actress, but not worth all the hullabaloo. © henry_tbags / Reddit
  • Will Ferrell. A grown man acting like an 8-year-old can only be SO funny. © CertifiedPreOwned / Reddit
  • Kristen Stewart. She often plays similar characters. She usually relies on subtlety in her acting, especially in emotional moments. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Scarlett Johansson. I feel like she just plays the ’attractive character’ with no emotions and isn’t allowed to make facial expressions because expressing emotion might make her not look 100% perfect. Maybe she’s a great actress when she’s allowed to actually act and not just look pretty for the camera. © LBertilak / Reddit
  • Sandra Bullock and Adam Sandler. They keep playing the same role over and over... movie after movie. © il_doc / Reddit
  • Nicolas Cage. I’ve just associated his face with memes so much, that any and every movie he is in, feels like a parody of an actual movie to me. © Sinclairlim / Reddit

Which actors can you not stand seeing on-screen and why? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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Ben Affleck, he acts like a blank wall. No emotions, no motivation, really, he doesn’t know how to act! Just annoyingly boring.


I didn't even knew John Krasinski was. I disagree on Emma Watson. I don't love her, but she has been able to play very different roles and I haven't seen her fail yet.

But our opinions are just that. Opinions.


Jim Carrey. That guy wastes all his amazing talent on some shitty movies which they call comedy, that İ actually started seeing him as a joke. even his face looks like it, like he hs entered this continuous character in which he always tries to make funny faces. Sometimes İ feel like he is trying too hard, like through all those comedies he is hiding a huge amount of sadness he has inside.


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