What Unique Babies Who Won Our Hearts at Birth Look Like Now

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3 years ago

Every 3 seconds a baby is born into the world. Some of these babies are so unique that their birth captures the attention of the entire internet.

Bright Side has gathered 7 current photos of some exceptional babies who stole our hearts in the past with their incredible stories.

7. The world’s first surviving septuplets

These septuplets were born in 1997. The sonogram showed that the pregnant woman, Bobbi McCaughey, would have 7 children. After this, she and her husband Kenny were given the opportunity to not carry all of them to term since the chances of them surviving were very small. Both spouses were horrified, but they took the chance anyway. Doctors were very worried that not all children would be healthy. Nevertheless, all the kids survived!

Every year on the 19th of November, this family celebrates a huge holiday: 7 birthdays all at once!

6. The biological twins with different skin color

Believe it or not, these are biological twins! They have practically nothing in common when it comes to their appearance. While Marie has dark skin, dark hair, and dark brown eyes, Lucy has fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair. This was made possible by the miscegenation of their parents. The mother of the girls has Jamaican roots and the father has European ones.

But skin color doesn't matter when it comes to family. These sisters have a strong connection with each other.

5. Smiling tiny Minnesota

This baby was turned sideways while in utero and mom had severe preeclampsia. Not knowing this, her mother did everything she could to try to give birth naturally. After a miraculous C-section that happened just in time, the baby was born very small and she had to be hooked up to tubes immediately. Obviously, her parents were very worried. But on the fifth day of her life, this picture was taken. The smile on tiny Minnesota gave hope to her parents and melted the hearts of many all over the Internet.

Now she has grown up, is happy, healthy, and loves playing soccer.

4. The twins born holding hands

These identical twins surprised doctors as they were born holding hands. Now Jenna and Gillian Thistlethwaite are the closest little sisters in the world. The girls were born a quick 45 seconds apart. And as soon as they approached each other, they immediately joined hands. Everyone who attended the birth was speechless.

4 years have passed but nothing has changed - the girls are still inseparable.

3. The family with sextuplets

Who doesn't know the McGee family? They literally blew up the Internet 6 years ago. The couple had 6 children all at once and starred in a touching photo session that could bring a tear to the most emotionless person's eye. Recently the parents decided to reproduce the photo shoot with the now grown-up children. And they still managed to have an adorable photo shoot!

2. The boy with Down Syndrome

Noah has Down Syndrome. The story told by his father inspired and encouraged many people. Noah's dad has hope that people will one day understand that Down Syndrome is okay. He wrote, "And from that day forward we knew we’d always celebrate his birth."

Now, Noah is a healthy, curious 7-year-old boy who is loved by his brother and family.

1. The redheaded triplets

These cute babies totally stole our hearts in 2017. Macy, Toby, and Sadie are so happy and relaxed in their photos. The photo session was held by Cassandra English. In an interview, she said, "Every time I'd take one baby away, they would stir. Then when you put them back together again, they would settle. It was quite amazing actually."

Today, the triplets are one year old and they continue to warm us with their smiles.

Which of these stories inspired you the most? Share with us in the comments!

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