20+ of the Most Wholesome Glow-Ups That Make Us Believe There Was a Touch of Magic

3 years ago

Beauty is a very subjective concept. But one thing we know for sure, it’s not only good luck, but also a lot of work — sticking to your health and body plan, going through progress with self-love and self-esteem, and finding your own style. It can be exhausting and sometimes you want to give up, but these Reddit and Instagram users prove that it’s all worth it and that everything is possible.

Here at Bright Side we admire these amazing transformations and what we’re even more excited about is to share them with you. Enjoy!

1. A mesmerizing difference!

2. “85 lbs lost. Still have at least 25 more to go, but life is so much better now.”

3. “14 to 22 — grew into my face and stopped hating every aspect of existence.”

4. “I used to hate myself. This week I got offered a commercial modeling contract. The weight loss helped, but loving myself helped the most.”

5. Age 16 vs 20

6. 246 lbs (111.5 kg) lost in 1.5 years!

7. “10 to 20! My nickname used to be ’ugly.’”

8. “Lost 100 lbs (45.3 kg) and now I model full time!”

9. Mid-20s to mid-30s, the difference is obvious.

10. Same chair. 3 years later.

11. “When I loved pizza & was insecure (17) vs Still love pizza & learned to love myself (25)”

12. I got sick of not looking how I envisioned myself looking, and here it is, 19 to 23.

13. “Lost 50 kg (110 lbs) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, got my MSc in mathematics.”

14. “14 to 23, it’s been an awkward decade for me.”

15. “Headgear girl with 4 bangs to a teacher, Miss Morgan. To all former and current ducklings: keep smiling!”

16. 4 years later (16 to 20, some huge progress)

17. 7 years can make a crazy difference.

18. “11 to 30, braces were good to me.”

19. 16 to 19 — It’s like 2 completely different people!

20. 6th grade and 21

21. “18 vs 23, I’m just a late bloomer I guess.”

22. “I always knew deep down I was a blonde. (12 vs 15 vs 20)”

23. 18 to 24, a solid transformation

Do you have a before/after picture? We’d be happy to see your photos and comments in the section below.

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