Why Sleeping With a Fan On Is Bad for You

3 years ago

Some people can’t sleep without their fan on. Whether it’s because of hot summer nights or because the sound helps them to fall asleep, the wind blowing directly at them is a necessity. But although the fan itself is not a toxic object, using it at night can lead to certain consequences.

To help with this, Bright Side wants to show you how your body can react while sleeping with a fan on. As a bonus, we have some simple solutions for how you can have cooler nights without it.

1. It will dry out your mouth and nasal passages.

Studies reveal that leaving the fan on can help evaporate sweat and moisture from your body, leading to dehydration and the drying of the mouth and nasal passages. If you live in a dry area, this needs special attention, since these consequences can appear even faster. In general, however, a cup of water is more than enough to restore the water you need.

2. It can make your allergies worse.

If you have allergies, sleeping with the fan on is not a good idea. According to researchers, the wind can help circulate allergen particles, increasing your chances of asthma, dry eyes, eye allergies, and hay fever.

3. It’s one of the causes of muscle cramps.

The temperature at night tends to decrease fast and, while exposure to cold is one of the causes of muscle cramps, fans can expose you to more concentrated and constant cool air, blowing directly at you. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing hot nights, the air blowing from the fan can increase your core temperature, leading to heat-related illnesses, like nausea or headaches.

Bonus: Here’s what you can do instead of turning your fan on.

1. Sleep with a window open.

A simple solution for hot nights is to simply leave the window open. The cold wind during the early morning will help to cool the air. If you’re afraid of the mosquitoes, you can try installing a net or a screen in your window.

2. Put a wet towel or a bucket full of water near your bed.

To make your room dehydration-proof, put a wet towel by your headboard, or fill a bucket with water and leave it by your side of the bed, on the floor. These solutions will help increase the humidity in your bedroom.

3. Turn the fan in another direction.

If you just can’t sleep without your fan, try turning it away in another direction. This way it won’t be blowing directly at you. You can also try to put it by your window, so it can catch the outside air and help it enter the room.

What’s your go-to choice to help you sleep better on hot nights? And if it’s not a fan or air conditioning, do you have any other solutions we can add to our list?


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In the south, you can't just "open a window" when it's 90f at night.... Even with the ac on 65f, a ceiling fan and regular fan on, I still wake up in a pool of sweat =/


I actually always get cramps when I sleep with a fan.. never would have guessed the fan was the cause!


I only sleep with the fan when it's super hot, it's better to SLEEP with a fan rather then not sleep at all :p


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