Women Reveal the “Girlfriend Effect” That Leaves Their Boyfriends “Unrecognizable” and People Have Mixed Feelings

2 months ago

TikTok never fails to impress us with new trends. This time we got acquainted with the so-called “girlfriend effect”. Girls reveal the “jaw-dropping glow ups” that happened in their boyfriends since they walked into their lives. However, although many women applaud the confidence and style of their boyfriends, some suspect this transformation comes at a cost.

A new trend appeared on TikTok.

The TikTok trend called the “girlfriend effect” proves that a lot of men in relationships change their style completely and for the better. Women started sharing videos with how their boyfriends looked before and after meeting them.

Girls from all over the world noticed that dating did change their partners. Their significant others pay more attention to their appearance and pick their outfits more thoroughly. Interestingly, guys even started to take much better care of their hair. In general, in all users’ videos, the “after” shows more “confident and stylish” guys.

Women prove that the effect is real.

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TikTok was flooded with before and after transformations. In fact, even a special hashtag appeared #girlfriendeffect. Once you look it up, you’ll see thousands of videos from girls who claim that the transformation “really happens”.

Judging by their reaction, most women are happy with the changes. Besides, they’re even a little proud of their ability to influence their partner in such a positive way.

There’s an explanation for this.

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There might be a few explanations as to why men change when they enter a relationship. Men with girlfriends are more comfortable when it comes to experimenting with looks. They feel supported and aren’t afraid to try on something they haven’t put on before.

Besides, women might have more interest in fashion and style. As a result, men have someone to consult with when they’re struggling to choose an outfit or a haircut.

Some think the trend has a dark side.

Some claim that men lose their individuality and start dressing like typical Instagram bloggers. Sometimes women also laugh or criticize their partner’s previous outfit choices. Some are worried that men lose their personal style and only wear what their girlfriends consider fashionable.

Additionally, it might also seem like men are completely remodeled. Instead of making suggestions, women just tell men what to wear without taking into account their partner’s preferences.

The “boyfriend effect” also exists.

Not only men change in relationships, in fact, women do too, but a bit differently. The boyfriend effect is quite the opposite. The “before” usually shows girls wearing fashionable clothes, looking “neat and elegant”. The “after” effect is disheveled hair, no make-up, comfortable clothes like sweatpants and stretched T-shirts. Overall, many note that girls’ appearance “degrades” and they start prioritizing comfort.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these girls prove you can be adorable even when you pull funny faces. Eventually, it all comes down to genuine humor, which is the ultimate beauty secret. Forget the glossy magazines and flawless morning selfies — it’s laughter and authenticity that truly shine.

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