Your mood will instantly get better after buying these 10 useful products

7 months ago

Whether you ordered a mood makeover or not, here it is! The products that we’ve prepared for you are simply happiness in a box. And every single one of them is also an embodiment of practicality. So, sit back, enjoy, and prepare your coffers.

1. Is this capacious, foldable tote bag cute, or what? Choose your favorite design and meet your new shoulder companion! Perfect for use on the go and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The bag is very easy to store. When you’re done using it, simply fold it up and put it inside the plushie. Then, secure the bottom with a hook-and-loop fastener.

Promising review:

  • I got this as a gift for my mother, who loves axolotls a lotl. Super cute pattern and plushie. The axolotl looks like it’s riding on your shoulder when carrying the bag. The stitching and printing are all of good quality. The bag is big and can hold quite a bit, but it’s a bit hard to stuff back into the axolotl. It would be easier if there was just a little more room inside. — Fox Workshop

2. Keep your hands warm with this portable, double-sided hand warmer. It gets ready to be used really fast, taking less than 2 minutes to reach 42 °C. Comes in a variety of gorgeous designs.

The device is quite compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to use on the go. The size is just right to hold in hand. The product also looks adorable and makes a perfect gift!

Promising review:

  • It starts heating up instantly! It won’t last all day, but it lasts a few hours nonstop. It’s a really good hand warmer, and my girlfriend loves it! — Bat

3. May the fork be with you! This set isn’t just a fantastic gift for a Star Wars fan. These epic LED chopsticks are also a useful product that will definitely transport your sushi nights to another galaxy! (Far, far away, hehe.)

To turn the force on or off, you need to push a handy button on the bottom of the chopstick. The batteries are included, so you can start using the chopsticks right away!

Promising review:

  • These are so cool. Arrived earlier than expected. Clearly visible in full daylight, though the purple ones are slightly dimmer than the rest. I can’t wait to use these at my favorite Chinese restaurant. — Happy Customer

4. These nice and sturdy deer will look lovely on the table or anywhere you put them (even without candles inside). The set includes 6 holders. You can team them up as a whole holiday display or split them up around the house as catchy accents.

space for a real or LED candle is located on the back of every reindeer. Each features a rustically finished iron body.

Promising review:

  • They were beautiful. I did Thanksgiving with Christmas together, and they blended with the turkeys. Beautifully made and sturdy. I got lots of compliments on the table and the candle holders. I will definitely recommend them. — ksj

5. Vintage is back in style! (Actually, for a long time now.) These retro-looking pure-cotton coasters will be a beautiful addition to your interior. They’re sturdy, absorbent, and handmade — the perfect housewarming gift.

The coasters work perfectly whether you place ice-cold drinks or hot ones on them. They don’t leak. The set of coasters comes in gift packaging.

Promising reviews:

  • Much cuter in person and definitely worth the buy! 🤩 - Linda
  • Such sweet coasters! Great value for four of them. I absolutely recommend these! 2 pink and 2 ivory. Thank you!! — Kathy

6. Treat yourself or your loved ones to this 1000-piece masterpiece of a jigsaw puzzle! The original illustration, tiny details on individual pieces, a surprise ending, 50+ Easter eggs, and a unique world are inside that kraft envelope.

The product is made from premium materials, and there is absolutely no puzzle dust inside the box. The art is 100% original.

Promising review:

  • Just got this puzzle for something to do at home over the holidays. Seriously, I’ve never seen a puzzle quite like this! It’s very impressive and has exceeded my expectations already. The packaging is beautiful inside and out. Everything about it shouts quality. I particularly liked the kraft envelopes inside for the puzzle pieces and mystery. Heavyweight and substantial. The one holding the 1000 puzzle pieces stays closed with Velcro! How cool! And the secret mystery envelope has a cool string-loop tie. Makes you remember that you can’t open it until the puzzle is done. The whole vibe of The Mystic Maze is quality and fun, and it also looks like a challenging puzzle. Looking forward to getting started on this. It is certainly a good “stay home” fun activity. Highly recommend! — Kyle Fletcher

7. You’ll never believe that these gorgeous, realistic-looking candles are, in fact, flameless! They are unscented and made from real wax. The product is also remote-compatible (sold separately).

The product can work up to 175 hours and needs 2 AA batteries (not included). It also features an on/off timer. Very handy!

Promising review:

  • I love this candle. I’ve never bought an electric candle before, and I’m surprised at how real it actually looks. This candle is perfect for the holiday season, looking both cozy and glamorous. It’s been working great so far, and it even has a timer setting. It’s a bit of a splurge for a candle, but this is definitely a nice showpiece to have in your living room or dining table and would also make a great gift! — Sonja

8. This all-season, sturdy, and well-made mat will scrape your shoes clean every time. The vinyl backing helps prevent movement, which makes the product extra comfortable. And a great print will put a smile on the face of every guest.

The mat comes in various sizes. The packaging is very well thought out: a flat box. This ensures that the mat is in perfect condition when opened and can be used right away.

Promising review:

  • I absolutely LOVE this mat! It’s sturdy and very well made. I would definitely buy it again! — Kelly M

9. These pawesome tongs with a stainless steel handle are the cutest! The high-quality plastic heads are heat- and freeze-resistant (up to 220 °C and down to −20 °C). Great size for noodles, pasta, ice, and salad.

The length of the tongs is 7 inches. The product is easy to clean; you can safely wash this product in the dishwasher. Produced in Japan.

Promising review:

  • Definitely on the smaller side, but super cute and fun to use. — K R

10. What pet parent doesn’t need to buy this perfect-in-all-senses hoodie right about now? If you prefer to go into stores with your dog but your doggo isn’t into the dog carriers; if you work from a home office but cannot hold your kitty all the time (although you really want to) while working; if you want your furry companion to feel comfortable and safe, this sweatshirt is simply a must!

The product features cat ears on the hoodie cap, pom-poms with drawstrings, a big front pocket for the little (or not) cuties, front pockets on each side for cell phones, keys, and hands, and cat paw sleeves with thumb holes. Comes in different sizes.

Promising review:

  • This sweatshirt is so cute and cozy. The best part is how fuzzy and soft the (removable) lining of the pouch is. It’s so soft that even my big cat, who doesn’t like to be held, was tempted enough to hop in after making biscuits on it. I saw advice to order a size up, so I ordered a large, but it was really loose, so I’d order a medium next time. I guess for holding a bigger cat, the large one might be better, though. Anyway, I highly recommend this adorable sweatshirt. — SM

We hope that our picks will transform your mood from “meh” to “oh yes!” If so, our job here is done. Shop away, and while you do, remember to always try to make your routine more interesting.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.


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