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15 People Who Shouldn’t Hide Their Talents From the World

When the creative juices start overflowing, people make their brightest ideas come to life. They are often so out-of-the-box that they live rent-free in our minds from the moment we first see them. Like a portrait created by smashing glass or dark clothes painted with bleach. Luckily for us, social media allows for the appreciation of art in all forms and corners of the world.

Bright Side put together a display of breathtaking artistic works.

1. “I made grilled chicken sandwiches on ciabatta bread out of clay.”

2. “One of the earrings I made using precious metals, resin, and glow pigment so it absorbs light to emit light.”

3. “I paint with bleach.”

4. “I designed a 3D printed mirror array that just before sunset can reflect the sunlight to spell ‘Marry me?’.”

5. “I make Afrofuturistic hair ornaments called headcrests. This is my first prototype of a full face design.”

6. “I invented my own alphabet and turned it into a font for a book I made.”

7. “I made a post-it art gallery at work.”

8. “I make layered animals out of birch wood. This is 7 layers.”

9. “I recreated Beyoncé’s look in Black Is King.”

10. “My very first welding project”

11. “I made a chameleon necklace that hangs on its chain.”

12. “I made a portrait by smashing glass.”

13. “I made a small concrete planter for succulents.”

14. “Here’s a squid-bike I made last summer.”

15. “Crocheted this Snorlax from Pokémon freehand.”

Do you have any creative hobbies? What’s your favorite independent artist? Leave their names in the comments or your own, so we can check out everyone’s work!

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Preview photo credit NiallShukla / Reddit
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