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15+ Photos That Prove Parenting Requires a Sense of Humor

No rollercoaster ride is as extreme as the journey of parenting. From coming home to your now newly painted purple son to finding out your kid ate all the cream from the Oreos they left for you — the adventure is never-ending. Fortunately, every day people find humor in it and share these epic moments online.

Bright Side will now highlight the comedy of family life with a selection of photos.


2. “All my years of playing Tetris have prepared me for this very moment.”

3. “My 3-year-old is angry because the beavers keep chomping on the tree.”

4. “My 3-year-old insisted on making me breakfast.”

5. “Got new doors installed. He doesn’t realize one of his favorite hide and seek spots has been severely compromised.”

6. “My 10-year-old son just took my phone and texted this to my wife.”

7. “Just lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace.”

8. “My 6-year-old was trying to email me apparently.”

9. “My son insisted on carrying a pan of brownies on the way home. Got back and somehow there’s a giant footprint in them.”

10. “Photo of my brother from 14 years ago hanging on the wall of our house.”

“The photographer said they’d take another picture but my mom said it was perfect,” explains a Reddit user.

11. “He didn’t want his shoes to get wet, so he put paper bags on his feet and waded into the ocean.”

12. “My 6-year-old left me a few cookies...”

13. “Watching TV with a 2-year-old is so relaxing. Said no parent ever.”

14. “I came home from work to my purple son, painted by my daughter.”

15. “My daughter mistook her frosty for her drink. When it didn’t come out she just kept lifting it higher.”

16. “Identically unconcerned by what they did to themselves with the clippers at 5 AM.”

17. “He got the stool so he could see the screen.”

18. “This is the face she gives me when I tell her to stop eating mud and put her shoes back on.”

Have you ever pranked your own parents? What’s the most hysterical moment you’ve ever lived as a family? We can’t wait to hear your stories and see your best photos. Just show us in the comments!

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