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12 Peculiar Body Features That Cause Women to Worry for Nothing

Psychologists note that self-esteem is sometimes based on how good people think they look. Appearance complexes often appear as a result of careless words from the people closest to us, or when we compare our body with glossy magazine standards. And very often it happens that, to our surprise, others see our flaws as virtues.

At Bright Side, we found some body features that we should stop worrying about in 2021.


This feature can be found in 80–90% of women despite their size and weight. Cellulite visibility can vary in different women.

  • I decided to figure out whether I have cellulite or not. I spent half a day in front of the mirror trying to detect it. Then I thought, “I wonder if my partner knows what it is?” So I called him and asked. He promised to come in the evening and check himself. So he came and asked, “So where is this horrible beast?” © Podslushano — Here we talk about you / VK

Imperfect legs

Many women are concerned about how straight their legs are. Some worry about it so much that they don’t wear short dresses, skirts, or shorts, or they wrap themselves in a pareo on the beach, and some even go for serious surgery to reshape their legs. Meanwhile, the experience of celebrities shows that meeting the standards of ideal proportions is not necessary to conquer the runway or the red carpet. Even the highest-paid model in England, Kate Moss, admitted that she has bow legs and that she keeps it in mind when choosing shoes. Actress Angelina Jolie was voted the most beautiful woman in the world in 2006. Now some media accuse her of being too skinny, but this doesn’t prevent her from wearing a mini skirt and showing her legs in public.

Protruding ears

Some women can even be ashamed of the shape of their ears and try to hide them under their hair or using headgear. On the other hand, celebrities set an example that you can look great even if you have protruding ears.

  • When I was little, I was ashamed of my ears and thought that they were too big and protruding. My friend, who was fond of fantasy books, once came to me and said that I had wonderful elven ears. I haven’t been ashamed of my ears since then. © Podslushano — Here we talk about you / VK
  • When I was a teenager, I declared to my parents, “I hate my ears. This isn’t fair. People always make fun of me. I can’t put my hair up without them sticking out.” I’ve grown up, but my ears are still the same, and for the most part, people don’t really notice them. © Lauren Ramesbottom /Quora

Big feet

Women with big feet sometimes have to spend a lot of time looking for suitable shoes in the store, but this feature doesn’t make them less attractive. Uma Thurman admitted that she didn’t like her body and her big size 9.5 feet until she started filming with Quentin Tarantino, who helped her become more confident. And Monica Bellucci, whose foot size is a 10, is not afraid to draw attention to her feet with the help of luxurious high-heeled shoes.

  • My girlfriend’s feet are the same size as mine. It’s pretty handy. I can try on the shoes I buy for her, and she can wear my boots if she needs to. © Mac Friday / Quora

Not so perfect knees

Due to the fact that the mini-skirt trend has returned, some women are worried because they don’t like to show their knees. Fashion researcher Dawn O’Porter notes that this part of the body raises more concerns in people than even the waist. Several seasons ago, fashion designers hid knees under thick dark tights and over-the-knee boots, but in the current summer season, many fashion designers suggest wearing mini skirts. And celebrities recommend showing your knees despite all your insecurities.

Very big eyes

Those who have big expressive eyes can be also unhappy with their shape and size. And it can be really surprising to women with small eyes who do all sorts of tricks to make them look bigger with makeup, exercises, and even plastic surgery.

  • In junior high school, I was teased by a girl because of my huge eyes. She and the entire class bullied me. It’s no surprise that I hated my eyes and thought I was ugly. But now I know that my eyes are beautiful. © Podlushano — Here we talk about you / VK

Strawberry legs

This feature has the scientific name “keratosis pilaris.” It is a very common form of dry skin characterized by hair follicles that are plugged by scale. Usually, it disappears by the age of 30.

  • There was an absolutely gorgeous girl I used to sit next to in one of my classes, and I didn’t realize she had keratosis pilaris until I’d known her for months. © messyyminddd / Reddit

Big forehead

Often, people are ashamed of their big forehead and try to hide it with hair or hair accessories. Red carpet regulars set an example of self-love and don’t hide this ambiguous flaw.

  • I have a big forehead. So does Rihanna, and she is beautiful. I just try to stop being self-conscious about it. It’s not important. © AshlandSouth / Reddit
  • I think that people with big foreheads can be kind of attractive because I like long faces more than short faces. And also, women in the olden days used to make their foreheads look bigger because that was in fashion. © Ilikechicken777 / Reddit
  • I’ve never heard people complaining about their partner’s forehead before, but I have heard them complaining about their personality many times. © Jonny Mai / Quora

Being tall

Tall women feel uncomfortable sometimes due to the fact that it’s difficult for them to find the right clothes among other inconveniences. However, there are those who’ve managed to overcome their complexes and find advantages in their height. Actresses Nicole Kidman (her height is 5 feet 11 inches) and Brooke Shields (6 feet) are among them, who confidently emphasize their long legs with high heels.

  • When I started preschool, I was a head taller than everyone else in my class. I now stand at about 6 feet, and I’ve always loved being tall. Throughout middle school and high school, I dominated at most of the sports I played. I ultimately went to college on a full athletic scholarship that was worth about $50,000 a year. When you’re tall, you get a lot of, “You’re so tall! You could be a model.” It takes a very secure man to date a woman who is near his height — or even taller than he is! If you’re a tall woman, you often figure out pretty quickly who’s secure and who isn’t. © Eva Glasrud / Quora
  • My teenage years were miserable. Until the time I entered high school, I was by far the tallest kid in the whole school, and I was terribly shy and lacked self-confidence. Any piece of clothing that was one piece was problematic. Overalls and jumpsuits never had a long enough torso. One-piece swimsuits were often uncomfortable for the same reason. When going camping, I always needed a long mattress and a long sleeping bag. However, now I see more pros. I can eat more than my small friends. When I am in a crowd, I can usually see above most people’s heads. My husband and our daughters are also tall, they are all very lean and leggy, and everybody keeps commenting about what a beautiful family we all make. And I can grab the best figs from the fig trees at my parents’ house. © Delphine Corbac / Quora

Being skinny

While millions of people want to lose weight, there are those who dream of gaining a few pounds. But if you compare yourself with slender celebrities, you’ll realize that there is nothing to worry about. Singer Celine Dion, weighs 117 pounds at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, while Victoria Beckham who is a supporter of healthy eating only weighs 106 pounds at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

  • Since childhood, I have been suffering from the fact that it’s very difficult for me to gain weight, since I am asthenic with an accelerated metabolism. All my life I was criticized for my body type. Time passed, and now all those who reproached me for being too thin are overweight. Finally, I realized that eating and not getting fat is a gift. © Podslushano — Here we talk about you / VK
  • I’m always told to eat more. I was even accused of being anorexic without realizing that it’s not just a physical but also a psychiatric disorder. There are so many “kind” people around. © Oksana Klindukhova / Facebook
  • In high school, girls made fun of my small chest and narrow hips. I even bought bra inserts like those of Penélope Cruz in Volver, though I never used them. Years passed, and now I regularly receive compliments about my “model appearance,” including from those former classmates.

Big teeth

Big teeth are a genetic trait. Celebrities with millions of fans set an example of how to smile broadly, turning their smile into a brand name and using it to promote goods under their own brands.

  • I was always ashamed of my smile because my front teeth were too big. Until high school, I smiled with my mouth shut or covered it with my hand. Everything changed thanks to a photographer. He was taking photos for the graduation album, and he told me, “Open your mouth, you have really beautiful teeth!” Since then, I’ve been smiling a lot and have never felt ashamed. I often hear compliments. That’s how a person I didn’t know raised my self-esteem in the blink of an eye. © Podslushano / Ideer


Some people have scars on their faces or on some other visible parts of their bodies, and they try to hide them by all means possible. Sandra Bullock received the scar on her head when she fell into a lake and cut her head on a rock, but she’s never tried to hide it.

  • I got into an accident a few years ago which resulted in scars on my face. First, I was ashamed of them, because people reacted pretty badly, and discussed them behind my back. I’ve gotten used to my scars over time, plus people helped me by convincing me that they were my peculiar feature. Time passed, and when we discussed accidents at work, our new colleague told me that he had just now noticed my scars. Conclusion: you have to be more self-confident, not all your flaws are as visible as you think. © Podslushano / Ideer

Have you ever felt worried about your appearance? Tell us in the comments below.

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