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12 Trendy Types of Clothing Wealthy People Avoid

Wealthy people often set the trends that others try to follow. But in the modern world, luxury is no longer a symbol of wealth. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this which is why when they try to look cool, they actually achieve the opposite effect.

We at Bright Side are convinced that the more money a person has, the simpler they look. Today’s compilation contains some of the anti-trends that wealthy people prefer to avoid.

1. Patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes are only worn on very special occasions. In everyday life, they look inappropriate. If you want to wear such shoes to the office, make sure they look simple and classic. It’s worth noting that wealthy women often wear suede shoes nowadays.

2. Silk scarves

Silk scarves are not good for everyday wear and when combined with jewelry, they look funny. However, they can be given a second life if you put them on a solid-colored bag.

3. Big watches

Big watches on small wrists look unnatural and attract unnecessary attention. The simpler a watch looks, the more expensive it usually is. Today, big trendsetters prefer simple and concise models.

4. Single-color looks

Wealthy people don’t have a habit of wearing just one color. A look that combines 1-3 different colors that go well together is far superior to the famous “monochrome look.”

5. Down jackets

Despite the trend of wearing oversized clothes, a modern woman should only wear a down jacket if she’s going to a ski resort. In any other situation, she should be wearing a classic, warm coat to highlight her body.

6. Sportswear made of velour

Simple, comfortable sportswear made of really nice fabric is appealing to many. But today, simpler models boasting sport-chic style have become more popular.

7. A big piece of jewelry on top of a sweater

A huge piece of jewelry on top of a warm sweater makes things look too over-the-top. A girl following today’s trends would choose a simple, thin chain if she wants a decorative element in her look.

8. Jeans with rhinestones

In the 2000s, jeans with all sorts of decorative elements were quite popular. But today, this is an anti-trend and many wealthy people gave up on them a long time ago.

9. Lace lingerie

Lace lingerie is not the most practical option — it’s hard to combine with clothes and such bras don’t look good under T-shirts or sportswear. In fact, this kind of lingerie often looks cheap. Now, trendy women support eco-friendly movements and choose more comfortable models made of natural fabrics without any over-the-top decorative elements.

10. Single-color denim looks

Wearing a denim-only look of the same color is not the best idea, no matter what the color is. Even if you meet a lady wearing denim, the upper and lower parts should feature different colors.

11. Scarves on top of turtlenecks

A good, solid-colored turtleneck looks a bit lonely and begs for decoration, but a scarf is not the best choice. It creates the illusion of multiple layers, so your best bet is wearing a turtleneck along with long chains.

12. A summer jacket with short sleeves

This type of jacket looks good on very few people as it often distorts body proportions. In warm weather, it’s better to wear a thin jacket with long sleeves made of linen or cotton.

What other clothes do you think would make the cut for this compilation?