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20 Women That Changed Their Hair Dramatically and Never Felt Sorry About It

Women usually have high expectations when they decide to visit a hairstylist because a new hairstyle can change your image dramatically inside and out.

At Bright Side, we are sure that a makeover can work like therapy. Here are 20 women that dared to experiment with their hair, and they never felt sorry about it.

1. “I chopped off my hair.”

2. “From gray to red.” — “You look so much younger and livelier with that red.”

3. “I’d say this is a pretty big change!”

4. “I’ve always had long hair, I’m so happy I finally changed it!”

5. “Do you all think my natural hair or stone-cold platinum is more flattering?”

6. “I went from box black to an acceptable blonde in 3 days without my hair falling out! I’m pretty proud of myself!”

7. “I’ve pretty much had my hair like the picture on the left my whole life, so it’s a huge change for me but I love it!”

8. “I finally had the guts to do it!”

9. “I have pretty bad depression, and I go days without brushing my hair sometimes, but today I got it done into something fun. I’m just so happy with how it turned out!”

10. “First time I cut my hair this short, but I think I like it!”

11. “I finally got up the courage to go short! What do you think?”

12. “I’ve never dyed my hair, so this is my first time.”

13. “It’s a big change!”

14. “From filter to reality. It exceeded all my expectations.”

15. “I did it. I chopped everything off, and I’m now rocking a pixie cut.”

16. “I’ve been blonde my whole life, decided to try something new!”

17. “I updated my hair and turned it into a rainbow.”

18. My hair loss helped me make a big “beauty” decision. Cutting and dying it made me gain back my confidence and stop being obsessed about “hair beauty standards.”

19. “My hair was a disaster before. I’m so happy with the result.”

20. “I’ve always thought I looked better with long hair but man was I wrong! So glad I decided to get this chop!”

Have you ever tried any bold experiments with your hair? How would you change your hair if you could do anything? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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