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15 Amazon Gadgets That’ll Help You Take a Pause and Rebalance Your Busy Life

Easy solutions to difficult problems often come during rest. Unbeknownst to us, the brain is able to process complex information until we load it with tasks. While the lack of downtime really makes us dumber: it impairs memory, and analytical and cognitive abilities. But today’s rhythm of life sometimes just does not give us a pause!

We at Bright Side believe that the need to think clearly is reason enough to stop and rest. So, today, in our selection from Amazon, there are a few things that will help you take at least a small break, no matter where you are.

1. A hooded cotton cushion that allows you to switch off for a short while anywhere.

2. This self-massage tool allows you to stretch trigger points for quick relaxation.

3. This pillow for sleeping on the road or at work provides double support for the head, neck, and chin in any position.

4. Aromatherapy bracelet with essential oil diffuser allows you to inhale a relaxing scent anytime you wish.

5. Crafted from lava stone and jasper crystals, this essential oil soaking bracelet creates a relaxing atmosphere with just a flick of the wrist.

6. A set of massagers for a quick relaxing foot massage

7. This head massager improves blood circulation, which will give you a blissful feeling with the simplest movements.

8. An electric cordless scalp massager that can be used in the shower will provide blood flow to the head.

9. Stress therapy balls will help you improve your well-being with simple instructions.

10. The heated back, neck, and shoulder massager will loosen stagnant muscles under the weight of your relaxed arms.

11. This cover turns your desk chair into a massage chair with vibro-rollers and heat that will make your break especially effective.

12. Natural eye pillow with lavender and flaxseed for a pleasant break in the middle of all the hustle and bustle

13. A microwave-heated eye mask will relieve dryness and pain in screen-tired eyes.

14. A soft cordless neck, shoulder, or lower back warmer will help both warm and cool a tired body.

15. These massage boots for legs and calves with air compression will relieve swelling and fatigue in the legs after a hard day.

What is the most effective way you use to unwind during your work day?

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