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18 People Who Wanted a Pet but Got a Naughty Roommate Instead

According to a study, cats tend to misbehave more and even engage in destructive behavior when they are separated from their owner. But it seems that no matter how far their mischievous acts go, our pets will always have the keys to our heart. Because we always end up forgiving them as soon as they stare at us with their adorable eyes.

Bright Side loves our furry friends, especially those who spice up our days with their over-the-top acts. We’ll share the misconduct of some pets that gave their owners all kinds of overwhelming feelings.

1. ’’She is no longer allowed in my office.’’

2. My Facebook friends blocked me because of her

3. ’’My dog chewed a hole through his towel. Now he wears it like a poncho.’’

4. ’’He’s actually a sweet boy when he’s not biting my face.’’

5. ’’Bagel the Bengal, destroyer of boxes.’’

6. ’’Bane, destroyer of worlds’’

7. ’’Look at her living life like she pays her own vet bills.’’

8. ’’I almost had a heart attack when I got home today.’’

9. A little rest is needed after a long day of destruction

10. ’’I spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed.’’

11. ’’Some cat “helped” with this paving stone near my house.’’

12. ’’The first time he went to the vet’’

13. ’’Pavlov woke me up early to show off his kill.’’

14. ’’Pay attention to me.’’

15. ’’My cat fell asleep in my salad.’’

16. Oh, hey there.

17. ’’She pushes her toy mouse under the stove more than 5 times a day and then meows until I crawl under to get it.’’

18. There was a tiny hole in the bed

Do you have a pet at home? Do you agree that mischievous animals make our lives 10 times more interesting?

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